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levotheroxine increase


TSH - 5.42 mIU/L (0.270 - 4.200)

Total T4 - 110.5

hello I posted last week and it was suggested I asked for an increase in levo to 75 from 50 I went to visit the doctor today and she sed as my tsh was lower that was good and it must be working ,I explained I still felt a lot under and I know my body and would l would like to try a higher dose, she was quite hesitant incase I went over but agreed to 75. I sed to her I was going to try and avoid gluten to lower my antibody's and her reply was I will have them forever

is my target tsh 1?

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Some people are convinced that they feel much better with their TSH in the lower ranges but 1.0 is very low normal. A TSH of 2-2.5 is often satisfactory for people who feel best with a low normal TSH. I say listen to your body and see how you feel as your TSH drops down. Find the place where you feel your best and try to keep your Dr. in agreement with you to keep your TSH wherever it is that you feel your best.

ok thanks the 25 increase will hopefully get me to 2.5 then as 5.45 is still high isn't it

Yes, but just barely out of normal range. This wouldn't bother most Drs. at all. It only matters usually to patients who want to feel better and get into the low normal range.

well hopefully I will be able to tell her I fell beter on that dose next time

Jazzw in reply to BonnieSue

Not my experience, or indeed, the experience of the majority of people who post here. That said, TSH is a pretty useless measurement for someone taking levothyroxine anyway. Yes, 1.0 is low normal - for people with properly working thyroids. For those without properly working thyroids, the TSH measurement doesn't really mean anything if FT4 and FT3 aren't reasonably high in their respective ranges.

I believe my t3 was OK and doesn't t4 convert to t3? I'm hoping to try to change my diet to lower the antibodys so they lessen there atack on my thyroid I know there's a lot more than just taking the pill, I have family who have struggled for years

It does if you're lucky! But a lot of hypos find they can't convert very well. Especially if they have Hashi's, or nutritional deficiencies.

I would be half dead with a TSH of 2.5!

It's not the antibodies that attack the gland, they are the result of an attack. But, a lot of people find that going gluten/sugar/dairy-free does lower them. Although it didn't help me.

Actually, when you have Hashi's, you need to keep your TSH at zero, because the more the gland is stimulated, the more likely you are to have a Hashi's attack.

greygoose in reply to BonnieSue

Are you saying they are imagining it? What is your TSH? Have you ever tried having it lower? What are your FT3 and FT4 like? With a TSH of 2.5, they are probably pretty low. :)

My tsh is 5.45 at the moment that's the lowest I've been my t3 was fine and all my vitamins apart from follic

Your FT3 was in the top quarter of the range? Because if it wasn't, that's not fine unfortunately. How do you feel? Do you feel well?

By the way, mine and GG's comments were aimed at SueSz, not you :) because she was saying it was ok to have a higher TSH. It usually isn't...

No my t3 Is in the middle I believe, no o done feel well yet I have a way yo go

Vivienne, you T3 isn't high enough, then, so that's why you feel bad. Also, who told you your vitamins were 'fine'? Your doctor? He has no idea! Best to post the results here and let members have a look.

thanks I will re post them ,I have ordered some t3 maybe you can advise on how much I should take

Well, it might be an idea to get the right blood tests done before you start taking T3.




The total T4 gives you no helpful information at all. And, you need to see how well you are converting.

But, as with any other hormone, you need to start low and work up slowly. Perhaps half a tablet to start with. :)

my free t3 is 4.77 and my reverse t3 is 22 my tsh is 5.45

No, reverse T3 isn't terribly interesting at the moment. What you need to know to see if you're converting is FT4 and FT3 - with the ranges. :)

Obviously, your TSH is too high.

the doctor wont retest me now for another 6 weeks as I had my own test done she sed wasn't needed and it was good my t4 had reduced she seemed to think the t3 and antibody's weren't important I did manage to get an increase in my levo so it depends if that changes my t3 I expect

Why did she think it was good that your T4 had reduced? That doesn't make sense, it needs to increase.

Doctors know nothing about thyroid. They don't understand the importance, nor the implication of T3 and antibodies. Their education is woefully lacking in that area. But she should know to do the FT4 and not the TT4. So, the only information we really have at the moment is that your TSH is much too high. No idea how you're converting. And she thinks that's sufficient? I despair, I really do!

Would it not be possible for you to do a private test? One of those finger prick tests from Blue Horizon?

sorry it was the tsh she sed was lowering ,I was going to stay on the higher dose of levo for a couple of weeks to give it chance and then do a private test

OK, good plan! But, a couple of weeks isn't long enough. It takes six weeks for the rise in dose to take full effect.

Yes, it's good that the TSH is lowering, but it isn't nearly low enough yet.

well I'm due the doctors test in 6 weeks but that isn't for t3 so I may get my own then as well

I felt the 50 dose I've been on for 8 weeks wasn't lowering it enough and I didn't want to get stuck on that dose

No, you certainly didn't want to get stuck on that dose! Your TSH should be one or under. But, most importantly, your FT3 should be in a place that makes you feel well.

what nu should my t3free and t3 reverse be?

Forget the rT3. It's not helpful.

Your FT3 should be there were you like it. And that's different for everybody. But, up near the top of the ranges somewhere.

No-one can decide for you, where your sweet-spot will be. That's where doctors go wrong. It's something you have to find for yourself.

ok that's us full, when my results came the listed I was in normal range for both but that obv isn't my place I should be

Obviously not. :)

greygoose in reply to Jazzw

Thanks for clarifying that, Jazz. I always forget to put the name of the person on my reply!

I will have a look thanks, I think she was scared of upping it but I need to deal with it

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