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Over two years ago I had thyroid cancer and they removed half thyroid and I was very lucky that the 2cm nodule they removed only had 7mm of cancer. They decided to leave the other half of my thyroid and I have check up every six months. But two weeks ago I found a lump left side of my neck just above collarbone. Has anyone else had similar experience any advice would be welcomed . thank you

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  • Loulou, Thyroid nodules are generally very slow growing so unless you had a sizeable nodule on your last scan I think it is very unlikely to be a thyroid nodule. You should have your GP examine the lump though, it may be a thyroid or other type of cyst.

  • Been to doctors and he sent me back to surgeon they think it is cancer again. Had biopsy tonight if it postive then more surgery. I can't believe I am back in this nightmare again . Any advice out there and has anyone else experience this

  • Loulou, I'm sorry to hear this and hope the biopsy will be benign and you don't have too long to wait for results.

    My hemilobectoomy was cancerous and I had completion surgery 3 months later to remove the rest of the thyroid due to risk factors but it was clear of cancer.

    You might want to post a new question asking other members whether it has happened and what they did as updates aren't easily seen.

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