Half a thyroid

My daughter had half her thyroid removed 11years ago because of suspected cancer,it turned out she was ok, however she has struggled ever since with thyroid related problems including weight gain and the Dr won't listen to her she hasn't had any treatment i.e. medication in all this time.she's seeing the doctor on Monday can anyone advise her on what to ask for and has anyone with a similar history received treatment.

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I had partial op in my teens and didn't need any meds for over 20 years, only after RAI In my 40's due to Graves did I go onto Levo. People can usually live just fine with half a thyroid. She needs bloods done to check her levels.

Thanks hypohen

Everyday, there is some horrible story from a suffering person and not one of the professionals take any notice.

I have just responded to another post re a partial thyroidectomy so will put the link below:

Your daughter may have to medicate herself as some are forced to do. Or have a private consultation.


Doctors should take note of symptoms, just as we would do if our young child was unwell, we know there's something wrong even if they cannot speak.So we mothers go by their symptoms.

She should ask for copies of all her blood results but more importantly list her symptoms and the effect it is having on her life. I'd push for a trial of thyroid hormone, initially 50 mcg levothyroxine and see how she goes. Her response to treatment is more important than the blood test results.

I assume she is over 18. If not the initial levothyroxine dose might be lower but more importantly she can't self-medicate as it presents all sorts of legal problems for you. In any event she shouldn't have to self-medicate other than as a last resort after you have tried everything to get her treated.

Thanks everyone I'm going to the Dr with her just for support she's in her 40s

Don't expect the doctors to know how to treat or even think there is a problem.

Thanks faith I'm having my own battle with the doctors different ones to my daughter. But I've told her what to say and how to say it and ill be there to help her.but I don't know anything about how half a thyroid effects someone so just looking for advise.

I guess if she has typical hypothyroid symptoms, then 1/2 is not enough for her. Maybe someone out there is fine with it.

I'm not sure what her symptoms are faith she hasn't confided except to complain about weight gain and being unable to loose weight

Well that is a huge hypo symptom.

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