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Where to start with self medicating

Hi. I have had a lot of fabulous help from this community over the last six months with deficiencies etc and have started to treat them. I am now thinking about self medicating and am not sure whether to go down the T3 route or the NDT route. I've bought the 'stop the thyroid madness book' and look forward to reading that but can anyone advise me on which route to try. I'd prefer to be advised by a specialist but this isn't looking likely. I have had hypothyroidism since 2001 and am currently on 125 levo. I have had some good periods during that time but seem to have a general downwards trend in my health which is hard to swallow at 34. Any help would be fantastic. Also if anyone has a specific private specialist that they've had success with on different treatments I would love to hear about that. I have asked for the list from Louise but would like specific recommendations if possible. I live in Oxfordshire. Thanks everyone.

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Vic198, why not try adding some T3 to Levothyroxine first. If you want to try NDT later you'll be able to switch straight over to an equivalent dose.


Thanks clutter. Please could you PM me if you know of any good suppliers. Also, how do you start with the dosing? Thanks


Vic, If you post your most recent thyroid results and ranges and I'll advise.


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