NDT and self medicating

So following on from my post the other day about the possibility of my GP prescribing NDT and then reading all of your posts....I am not feeling so hopeful. Have sent him all the info on named patient basis etc and have got to speak to the secretary friday.

However, if he is unwilling to go down that route, I want to be able to still try the NDT.

Is there a protocol guideline that should be followed when using NDT, should I have a full blood, hormone test first?

I know we some of you get your NDT yourselves, so would appreciate how and where you do this and I understand this may be through a PM.

I had a minor op yesterday, and the anaesthetist was worried as my last TSH level was over the maximum normal, and talking to me about a storm and has "told" my GP, to reduce my dose.

So feel maybe the timing all round is good for me to make the switch to NDT - just needing some help and guidance on where to start. :-)

Thanks all

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  • Does your anaesthetist understand TSH? "Over the maximum" indicates you need more, not less medication. Very worrying if this is truly what she thinks.

    Yes, if you manage to get NDT, you will definitely need help. Do get a full thyroid blood test and read everything you can find on the subject. I think if you could see a doctor privately it would be useful, at least to get you going. You should also be sure your iron, ferritin, Vit D, B12 and folate are all high in range, or you will have trouble processing both T4 and T3 and will feel worse, not better and wonder what is happening. Good luck!

  • Thank you! I am trying to source a "good" endo Dr near to me, like you say to get the once over and the whole picture, before beginning.

    Is there a link I could send to my GP the explain the TSH levels, as he thought the same!!? I currently take 300mcg of Levo a day and my TSH and FT3 are slightly above the normal ranges, when tested.

    This could explain why my pulse and BP run low.

    I am finding this forum so helpful and supportive, and feel I becoming informed to be able to make choices that are right for me.

  • Have you had the Endo list and Armour research from me...?




  • Hi Louise, please could you send me the Armour research too?

  • Hi - drop me an email.. :) struggle to keep track of who people 'really' are - sorry! :)

  • Thanks, it's ok :-) you may have already sent it to me but my hypo brain has just forgotten!

  • Is there any private ones in Manchester area North west please struggling to find one .


  • Hi Shirley - not sure - drop me an email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org



  • It is very odd for your freeT3 to be above range if your TSH is also above. It is also better that your T3 is not above but just on or slightly under. What about your free T4?. Sometimes that is high in range but that is fine. The anomaly is your high TSH. What exactly is it (with reference range) please? With a high T3 your TSH would normally be low, not high. Def think you should see a good doctor but not necessarily an Endo as they mostly know very little about thyroid. Which area are you?

  • I don't have the results to hand, I shall get them tomorrow from my gp and post. I am in Hayes Middlesex. I would really like to see someone who can help establish what is going on and then get me on track. All recommendations gratefully received.

  • I will pm you.

  • Yes thank you Louise :-)

    Unfortunately, none of the receommended Endo's are near to me.

    I have already sent the Armour research to my GP, hoping he will read it before our chat on Friday.

  • OK....So I have my results and the ranges, which were taken on the 27th March

    TSH: <0.03 (0.34 - 5.6)

    FT4: 26.20 (7.5 - 21.1)

    FT3: 7.10 (3.8 - 6.8)

  • Oh and Dr. will not prescribe NDT!

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