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Self Medicating

Ok here goes. I have no idea what my T3 and T4 levels are. All i know is i suffer with an underactive thyroid. My meds were increased a few months back from 125mg of levothyroxine to 150mg. I feel a bit better but not 100%. The main thing that bothers me is the weight gain. I worked my but off from 2013 to 2014 and lost 60lbs but now it seems to be creeping back on. Its only 1lbs here and there but its annoying me. Something that stuck in my mind was the doctor said "you always run slightly low" when i asked what this meant she said i always run slightly underactive as if they upped my meds to improve this it would probably send it the other way.

My question is has anyone played about with their meds? Im a proper hypocondriac and think if i upped them myself i may have a heart attack or something.

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I think it is really important to know your levels. You can ask the surgery for a copy of your last blood test (with ranges). If that was done a long time ago it might be an idea to ask for a more recent test.

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I might do this so i can see what they are. Thanks for your reply.


you will not have a heart attack if you up your meds sensibly by 25mcg

if your overmedicated the first sign is likely to be a fine tremor in your hands if you hold your arms out straight in front of you

if that happens simply drop back 25mcg

it used to be that patients thyroxine was increased until they experienced the tremor and then they knew one step below would be correct dose


Your doctor sounds like many others - which shows they haven't much knowledge of treating a patient with hypothyroidism. That's why we have to read and learn as much as possible in order to get well.

Always get a print-out of your blood tests for your own records and so that you can post them if you have a query.

Always take levothyroxine first thing on an empty stomach with one glass of water, wait about an hour before eating (food can interfere with the uptake of thyroid hormones). Some people prefer to take their dose at bedtime in that case you shouldn't eat anything 2 hours before taking levothyroxine. In that case you would miss this night dose if having a blood test next morning and take it after blood test, you also take your night dose as usual.

Always have the earliest possible appointment for a thyroid gland blood test and fast but leave approx 24 hours between your last dose of levo . Take levo after test (set a reminder that morning not to take levo before test).

If you've not had tests for B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate ask for these as we are usually deficient and can cause problems too. They can be done at the same time as your thyroid hormone blood test.

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Amh6971, If you are 'running slow' when you are prescribed Levothyroxine it's because your doctor is keeping you undermedicated. Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for a printout of your last results with ranges (figures in brackets after results) and post them in a new question for comment and advice.

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Thanks for all your replies. Ill get results from docs and post.

I get a B12 injection every three months.

I tried taking the tablets at night but i had crazy dreams so started morning again. I take them first thing. I used to take them with my breakfast until someone said you shouldnt. The only thing my doctor told me to avoid was gaviscon when i was pregnant. They really do just fob you off.


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