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Cortisol test results

HI, going to quack on Monday so had a cortisol test done at genova results as follows: morning 45 (7-32) Lunch 9.4 (2.5-11), PM 6.07 (1.3-7.4), Night 1.3 (0.8-3.8), Cortisol Ratio 0.05 (0.015-0.150), DHEA Mean 1.83. Can anyone advise on why I might be out of range early in the day? Or what can I do to bring things down to a more normal level.

Many thanks.

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I had this pattern too of being above range on first sample. some people said that was a good thing but I wasn't feeling like springing out of bed or anything! wasn t sleeping well so tried some phosphadatyl serine at night which I think did help and also tulsi. ot


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