Feel like rubbish I had tonsillitis last week it's not cleared up I'm going to have to go back the doctors tonight what's everyone else like when their sick are your thyroid symptoms worse when I'm hypo one of my symptoms are palpitations since been sick fighting of tonsillitis I've been getting palpatation had my thyroid tested bloods were fine Tia

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  • Shaybenholly, some antibiotics affect up take of thyroxine. Some increase uptake and others reduce. It may not reflect in serum. Hope you feel better soon.

  • Thanks so much for that clutter you have put my mind at rest useless doctor haven't got a clue I suppose when you stop them you take a few days to go back to normal as well ?

  • Shaybenholly, I think it is very likely to take as long as it takes the antibiotic to clear your system which may be a week or two.

  • Thanks clutter

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