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Feeling stressed at work

Hi all

As some may know I work 40 hours and am currently on 75mg but come the afternoon I am starting to stress out an feel light headed I just want to feel normal I am meant to be going out for a meal on Friday and really don't feel it I have stopped drinking and smoking since being diagnosed with an under active thyroid I am still new to this but struggle with the way I feel on a daily basis I know that there are a lot of u out there that feel the same but while I feel like this it's making me not want to socialise the strange thing is that I am so fun and love being around people but at the min I want to be in bed all the time.. I just feel that I wanted to vent and share my feelings xx Tia xx

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Linzilei, it will take 7-10 days for the increased dose to be absorbed and start working. In the meantime you need to pace yourself as much as possible to conserve energy. If you don't feel well, apologise for not being well enough to attend the meal and say you'll look forward to the next one when you'll hope to be feeling more on form.


Well done for living a healthy lifestyle, it helped a lot when I gave up gluten it was causing me to feel exhausted. Hopefully your taking vitamins and drinking water regularly it's very energising. I know how you feel I spent my entire 30's working a 70 hour week with kids at home a single parent under medicated and couldn't undress at night. My GP said my levels were fine of course!! I'm now on top of my own health and rest at weekends if I need it. Hope you can improve things very soon.



I totally understand!! I feel I am becoming a hermit!!! I too have been struggling at work and all you want to do is get home and lie's awful isn't it!! hopefully you have a supportive family and friends/colleagues who will understand...I have been extremely fortunate to have all of the above.

Sometimes even the small things can be daunting so try not to do or plan too much ahead especially as you are working so hard! Some days I don't even want to go to a shop..I just can't face people. Like Clutter says explain how you are not up to going out at the moment and hopefully people will understand.

You are not alone and I personally have had a lot of support and advice with meds etc. Please utilise this amazing website as we are all trying to help each other.

I was very undermedicated for a very long time and am starting to adjust my life and's been a very tough journey but you will find gradually that things will improve.

My advice too would be to do lots of research as well..this can be a bit overwhelming at times but it's helped me learn more about my condition and what alternative treatments there are.

I can't remember my oncologist/doctor initially explaining much to me at the beginning...I guess I didn't ask either!!!

All the very best x


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