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Feeling very run down :(

Anyone feel as though their energy is just dwindling but they still have to carry on?

I feel like a car with an empty petrol tank but running on fumes. Sounds weird I know but that is how I feel. I don't know how I'm functioning to be fair.

I'm low on everything going, TSH I'm sure is through the roof and the only thing that's risen is my ferritin!! I really hope to hear back about my bloods soon because I feel like death warmed up a thousand times over.

I had to get up early to go to the Jobcentre for 9am this morning - which meant I had to get up at 7:30 to have a shower...I didn't even feel bothered to have a shower despite knowing it'd wake me up...ribs were aching and I'm sure my adrenals are being shot to pieces.

People on the bus looking at me funny as I'm sure they were probably thinking how pale/tired I look. Honestly I didn't want to be there at all.

Even a large latte didn't even succeed in waking me up! :( And I hope that my supplements come through the post earlier than planned. I had confirmation from Amazon that they were expected to arrive yesterday or today - turns out they've been dispatched but aren't due to arrive until Monday - when I have my first endo appointment! How annoying!

Anyway, rant over.

Jo xxx

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Yes, I am so run down I sleep 12 hours a day and its still not enough. Bad nightmares too.

I have just been diagnosed, my bloods came back this morning and my Doctor has prescribed me 25mcg Levothyroxine. He said my underactive thyroid was dangerously low. Apparently I will be on this medication for the rest of my life, which doesn't sound like any kind of fun, but its better than being tired all the time. I havent got the energy or motivation to do anything, which being self employed has serious financial implications.


Thanks autan.

Yes, I nap during the day. I even sleep when I'm sitting with the TV on full blast!

I was started on 25mcg Levo when I was diagnosed with - in their words - "an underactive thyroid gland" and had the dose moved up to 75mcg within 4 weeks. Not nice! :( I wasn't told I would be on it for the rest of my life, but when I was waiting for my first Levo prescription to be processed in the Chemist, I heard 2 of the dispensers talking amongst themselves - and I knew they were talking about me as I was the only one in there waiting to be served:

Dispenser 1: "Who is this prescription for?"

Dispenser 2: "That young lady sitting over there. She's newly diagnosed."

Dispenser 1: "Aww. What a shame."

I really feel for you being self-employed and coping with this. It isn't easy working and having this, is it.

I left my job in November 2012 as I felt so, so run down every time I came into work and my boss just didn't understand why I felt so bad. I came in every day as I had a lot of time off sick for recovering from an operation and I didn't want any more trouble as I knew it'd spell disciplinary action. So I got on with it and carried on putting my customers and colleagues first - without thinking about myself. 8 years I was in that job.

Good luck with your meds and I hope you have an easier battle than me.

Jo xxx


Can you post your results with lab ref ranges? If you're very underactive a low dose of 25mcg can make you feel worse as it can prevent your pituitary from producing its own TSH.

Protocol is to start patients under 60yoa and without heart disease on 75-100mcg and follow up blood tests 4-6weeks later and adjust dose as/if required.


Hi clutter have you got a link please where is notes 25mcg is not suitable. I was told this small dose caused me hyperthyroid. X


Sorry no links. From memory I think it was probably one of the late Dr. John Rowe's.


Clutter, I too wasn't started on Levothyroxine at 75mcg and I was 28 when I was diagnosed hypothyroid. My dose was moved up to 75mcg from 25mcg for 2 weeks, 50mcg for 2 weeks and then 75mcg for 3 months onwards.

Jo xxx


I feel the same as you and can totally sympathise. Mornings are the worse. I feel I force myself to do everything as i have no motivation or energy. I feel like my body is heavy as lead and my legs ache. I feel all i want to do is sleep. I have not been diagnosed or treated yet but after reading this site and getting advice from members am going back to my GP.


Hi Fixit, thanks for your reply.

Yes, mornings are the worst. I only really come alive at around about 10 or 10:30am and I'm sure I have no adrenals left.

I was in the shower this morning and it took me that much effort to go and have a wash and I love warm showers! My ribs were aching and I knew that when they ached in the morning upon waking that to me usually means my system just does not want to work.

My body feels heavy and when I was coming back from the Jobcentre my legs were like blocks of ice. I'm a usually fast walker despite being hypothyroid and I even felt more slowed down. My boyfriend will be relieved to know that as he's forever catching up with me and asking if I have a train to catch!

I hope you get diagnosed and treated soon. For me it's been a rollercoaster but things are looking up as my endo appointment's been moved from 2 months to literally a few days' time and I've invested in some Vitamin D and B12 supplements which will all help in giving me a boost.

Hang in there and good luck. :)

Jo xxx


Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear your feeling so fatigued, I can totally relate because I struggle too :-( Since my hypo symptoms started (which I believe was 8yrs old), I have always struggled to wake up in the morning. It feels like I've been tranqualised and my body is so stiff. I also get very dry and gritty eyes, so I find it hard to open them naturally. When I do drag myself out of bed, I feel dizzy and nauseous, and can barely eat or get dressed... Similar to yourself, I don't feel awake until 10am, and even then it's suboptimal !

I think it might be worth checking your adrenals, because it sounds similar to adrenal fatigue, I am also seriously considering having a private salva test for this, because my GP hasn't even heard of adrenal problems !

Do you find you have more energy in the evening? I find I feel at my most energetic at night, after 7-8pm, sometimes later , which isn't good if your tryng to get to sleep.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but I just thought I'd say that your not alone. It is very crippling :-(

I do hope you feel better soon,

Warm wishes,


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Every day for years l get so exhausted I have to stop what I'm doing and lie down! I can feel my inside struggle too if that makes sense when things get that bad! I don't know what it's like to feel well now even for a day! X

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Yes, it is terrible. I even felt like this before I was diagnosed. I had so much trouble getting up on Thursday morning. I thought, "how could I have so much trouble getting up at 7.30am in the morning when I used to get up at 6:30am every day for work?" I couldn't understand it!!

Sometimes I crash out on the sofa - I can literally sleep whilst sitting up. I feel so old saying this and I don't know how I do it but I do! ;)

I feel more awake today for some reason. I went to bed at 2:30am last night and woke up at 9.30am. I was still pretty tired so I went back to sleep for 45 minutes and I was much better! Weird! :)

Jo xxx


Hi Lulujeanne!!!

With regards to body feeling stiff, my fingers start feeling like fat sausages towards late evening. They haven't swelled up, just feel it. :(

Yes, I definitely have more energy in the evening. Around about 9pm or 10pm I "wake up" again and can easily work into the early hours of the morning, say around 2-3am.


Jo xxx


Hi karisma, it sounds like you experiencing a lot of symptoms of fatigue, it is so hard to keep going feeling like this. I'm exactly the same, I'm still wide awake sometimes at 2am and start doing things much to the anoyyance of my other half! I'm finding at the moment my sleep pattern is out of sync, as I've been up until 2am, even though I'm tired my mind is racing... But I find it incrediably difficult to wake up in the morning, unless I have to get up early, I can easily sleep until 12-1pm, which is not good :-(

What medication are you taking ? Do you think your on the right dose? Xxxx


Hi Lulujeanne thanks for your reply. I'm on 150mcg Levothyroxine.

I didn't think I was on the right dose until my Endo today said my thyroid function tests were normal. I don't know what they were even though I asked her to print this information off. All I've got are the labs from the tests done back in December! So now I'm starting to feel a little fobbed off!

Jo xxx


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