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I hate my legs :( just ranting

So done with this. I am 36 and walking is hard. I know there are many having the same issues.

My legs from thighs to calves are stiff and weak. I walked on the forest last friday for 2 kilometers, at first everything is fine, my legs are just weak , but then after a while I can barely lift my legs and I am sorta dragging them along and my legs start aching as well.

I dont even want to do anything anymore as I always end up losing all strenght. Even climbing up stairs feels bad. I am getting discouraged and unmotivated. I eat well, take supps and nothing works, I was hoping B12 would fix this.

I guess maybe this is down to my low t3, or maybe I have more food intolerance I am even aware of.

But Dr. Jerk at local hospital thinks that it is my parents fault my legs are this way, that they are demanding too much from me or as I am so super healthy (his words) it might be down to me asking too much from myself.

My legs have been this way for years , nothing seems to work and I worry the damage is permanent. It gets harder to push myself to do things and I feel I soon need a cane :(

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Hi Justina. I had the same problem and I've managed to fix it just in the last year. For years I've had the problem that my thigh muscles get really really tired and I can barely walk up stairs, even when I got my T3 dose optimised. I was also really short of breath when I exercised, which I just blamed on asthma. The one thing that has really worked for me is dead sea salts. They contain magnesium and potassium. I have a bath at least once a week and also I make up a really strong solution (100g to 100ml water) and put it in a spray and rub about 20 squirts into my thighs every evening. It soaks in through the skin and is absorbed locally into the cells. You need magnesium to store potassium in your cells, and vice versa, without one you lose the other. You need good levels of both to maintain your muscle energy. I think years of being hypothyroid gave me a lot of vitamin deficiencies, and some have been really awkward to fix. Potassium and magnesium are both really important for energy production, and I've realised that if my potassium is a bit low it really affects my breathing.


Magnesium oil I use every day but potassium bath could do good. I have potassium pills I crush and soak my feet in it. Haven't done that for a while. Better do it today :) thanks for reminding!


Hello Justina,

Both your T3 & T4 are low in range but I can't see if you are medicating or not..??

Your TSH is 1.0 but you could take it slightly lower if medicating with a small dose increase and this should raise T4 & T3 levels.

Below is a link showing the importance of T3 and the connections with muscles.


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Thanks for link. I am not medicated as they figure it is nothing serious.


Hello Justina,

Total T4 4.8 L µg/dL 5-10.8 ug/dL

Free T4 1.2 ng/dL 0.7-2.5

Free T3 3.2 pg/mL 2.5-6.5

TSH 1.0 µU/mL 0.5-3.0

TPOab * 20 IU/mL 0-150 (70-150 borderline)

Your T4 is below range and you are exhibiting classic symptoms of hypothyroidism.

I know that the T4 is the total amount of bound and unbound thyroxine in the blood stream. However, I do not know how to interpret total results except to say I would assume this result to show that you don't have enough.

As you are not medicated, I would ask your doctor for a referral to an endo as there is clearly something wrong.

You could ask members in a NEW. question if anyone can intercept your results better than I.



Yeah. My levels are fluctuating and doctors don't seem to care.

BT I read the article about fatigue and t3 again and again and I was like damn that is exactly how I feel. Like every muscle from head to toe is in constant cramp. Not painful but short like injured muscle and nothing helps. No stretching or massaging. No drinking enough etc.

Last Jan when my t3 was 5.9 I felt physically better. Not normal but better. My t3 Oct 2014 had been 3.0. Cannot remember exactly how I felt back then. But maybe t3 is what is causing my muscle weakness. It started 2000 with stabbing pain between my shoulder blades, no reason found and they tried to fix my back many times but only short time relief after massage etc. During the years it has spread except B12 has helped now with the shoulder blades lol.


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