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Confused and need some advice please

Hi all I was hoping to get some friendly advice and support from this group as I am feeling a little lost and not sure who to turn to.

At the end of last year I started to notice how irrational I was becoming at "lady time" and it got worse each month. In May 2015 I started to fell unwell almost every day, constantly hungry no meter how much I ate, tired, moody, loss of libido, loss of interest in socialising, hair falling out and really struggling with my sleep also my tummy and bottom were very upset most days and my lady time became irregular. I went to my gp who decided to do full bloods and scans and the only thing that came back abnormal as my thyroid level and iron levels. I was told to be retested in 4 weeks time and to go at exactly same time but my gp wanted to test my TPO. When the second set of blood had come back my thyroid level was back to normal but my TPO was over 1300. My GP said he had never had a patient with these results so did a referral to an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist. I had my gastro appt before my endorsed and after explaining everything she suggested I have an Iron infusion IV, an endoscopy and see a gynaecologist, I had my iron IV on Thursday this week and feel ok but not much different however I went to my endo appointment on Tuesday this week and didn't find the doctor very helpful, he basically said I have too many symptoms for it to be my thyroid and that high TPO with normal TFT could mean my antibodies are attacking something other than my thyroid but my GP said this all HAS to be thyroid related. I also asked my GP if I possibly had Hashitmotos disease and before I even finished the sentence he said no, my question after all this typing (sorry for the long post) is has anyone else been through this and can offer some advice, I am getting fed up of not feeling like me and not knowing why. Also the endo Doctor did me a new set of bloods for TFT and TPO and I am waiting for the results of these. Appreciate any comments or help from you guys.



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High TPO means you have HASHIMOTOS do not care what your GP says

you need to get the exact results of the tests that have been done because without them we have trouble helping

but "normal " means zilch always get the actual numbers and reference ranges


Thank you I will phone the GP on Monday and get the actual numbers, I too think I have Hashitmotos but GP seemed very quick to dismiss it and the endo doc didn't even mention it, thanks for your reply.


you should then also be entitled to free prescriptions once the hypothyroid is confirmed


Welcome to the forum, Confused82.

Ask your GP receptionist or practice manager for the thyroid results and ranges (figures in brackets after results) and post them in a new question for advice.

TPOab 1300 means you have autoimmune thyroid disease which most of us call Hashimoto's. UK doctors don't use the term much and tend to call it thyroiditis, autoimmune thyroiditis, or chronic thyroiditis. Hashimoto's will almost certainly render you hypothyroid in the future but it may take many years. The autoimmune disease can't be treated. It's the hypothyroidism it eventually causes which is treated with thyroid hormone replacement. Most doctors say that high antibodies don't cause symptoms but most euthyroid (normal) and hypothyroid Hashi patients will disagree. I was swinging between hyper and hypo with mildly elevated antibodies and euthyoid blood levels and symptoms ceased after a thyroidectomy when there was no longer a target thyroid to attack.

Gliadin in gluten is widely thought to trigger autoimmune diseases. It can be helpful in managing Hashimoto's to adopt 100% gluten-free diet which may help reduce antibodies.


Hi I know how you feel my TPO IS 1300 t4 is 15 and TSH is 1.7. Feeling rough all the time now.

After 8 years of hypothyroid/Hashimotos multinodular goitre I am finally getting to see an endo. . I am worried about having my thyroid removed if it is removed will the antibodies attack something else in my body? Thank you 🙂


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