Will my eyelashes grow back??

I'm posting well tonight just another strange question I'm going to throw out there my daughter was doing my make up as u do and said mum did u know most of ur eyelashes are gone. I don't put make up on that often I even turn mirrors aways so I don't have to look at myself. U would have thought I would have noticed lol. I said don't be silly. I looked and she's right I got massive gaps where there should be eyelashes WTH . Any 1 else have this problem. On upside they charge a fortune for mascara these days so at least I won't have to waste my money. Oh wait scratch that I got 2 teenage daughters lol . X

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  • You've just made me feel for mine - I didn't dare look in a mirror first. :)

    With the right medication, yes I think there's a good chance they'll come back. How's the hair on other parts of you? I'm losing head hair at an alarming rate at the moment, but there seems to be no problem with it sprouting on my knees. :D

    Ferritin deficiency often contributes to hair loss - do you know what your levels are?

  • lol at least if anything now people will check theirs head hair falls out like made yea leg hair grows like crazy my eyebrows still intact lol. Ferritin no idea do u have to ask for that to be checked especially. Does a endo automatically check? ? X

  • Some do, some don't. But it's very common for ferritin levels to be low in folks with hypothyroidism. The gut doesn't absorb as well nutrients from food, and if you're not into eating red meat and offal it's probably going to be low. But it's needed for converting t4 into t3 - that's one of the reasons why some don't do well on Levo alone.

  • Blimey I will have to get it checked. Don't want to be eyelashless lol x

  • Haha I found that comment very amusing jazz 😂😂😱😂😂

  • Low Ferritin & biotin are prime culprits for hair loss. If you're taking iron take it 4 hours away from levo & with Vitamin C for best effect - that & magnesium help constipation - often a ide effect of taking iron - as well as being a HypoT side effect!

    the Levo leaflet states side effects include "temporary hair loss in children" - loads of folk report this, especially when first starting Levo as it ups the metabolism - but why was it low to start? lack of vital minerals to keep going? who knows.

    I always wondered why I had to pencil my bottom eyelash line in (they weren't there)

    J :D

  • I'm going to have to write all this stuff down. How many supplements do u need with hypo omg why why are docs not taking this illness more seriously. I might aswell have a port put in my arm to take blood. I'm sick and tired of all blood tests my veins have collapsed . I know there are cancers and other illnesses. This 1 just keeps giving. It's madness I know there's no cure but I would love to live in a healthy.person body just for 1 day x

  • you just need tests to see which ones are low, for Hypos it tends to be

    Iron (ferritin is the storage sort)

    B12 & folate

    Vitamin D

    If low these need dosing up to optimal levels (apart from B12 - if low or neuro symptoms best test for PA first)

    Although there's lots of others - most can be solved with a good multivit. (I use a boost spray) J :D

  • Well I'm going to go docs have a bloods done again as I'm sure all that hasn't been checked knowing my doctors. I can see why people give up with this illness. I'm convinced I've already got heart damage as I always have chest pain . Don't mind palps not nice but get used to them. Can u tell me how I can get to take my Liothyronine at a more convenient time as I have to take 3 times a day 8 hrs apart and my last dose is 2.00 am how can I change the time without messing it up x

  • Sorry not sure about T3 x3 - I took my levo at midnight & ½T3 8am and ½T3 4pm. It's tricky otherwise inbetween eating and taking other pills. (can't you take both T3 & T4 (levo) at midnight?)

    Good luck at the docs - I'd ask for PA testing - homocystene, MMA, Intrinsic factor, parietal cells, & demand my 60p B12 injections back - you can't overdose - excess goes in urine. As per other thread - please join the PA forum for advice - 150 is very low & dangerous. Hope you're not taking omaprazole or a vegan. J x

  • some links...

    B12 facts


    B12 and Neuropathy


    B12 Guidelines


    Also look up Dr Chandy on Youtube

    J xx

  • Razzar,

    It is important to spread Liothyronine evenly throughout a 24 hour period as the half life (that is how long it is active for) is very short.

    However, unless you are following the Paul Robinson CT3M protocol which I assume you are not, I would suggest you change your medicine schedule to accommodate more acceptable times.

    For example if you were awake most days from 7am - 11pm you could take your three doses of T3 at ;




    Sleep is vital and it is unreasonable to expect you to wake up at 2am every morning to take a pill.

    Hope this helps,


  • Ty flower yeah that would be better I'm up up sometimes at 2.00 as u can see from my post just scared that I will miss a dose my memory is so bad. I have set my alarm. It's just such a pain. X

  • You are fortunate that it's only your eyelashes that are missing as it is very common to lose all body hair (eyebrows etc) and some find their scalp also loses lots of hair making it thin but hair should return when on an optimum of medication, but may be slow .

  • I take my T3 once daily and I feel very well. This is a link which might be informative:



    And finally, why do I specify that the typical patient use one full dose of non-timed-release Cytomel for life? Because extensive testing has shown that this is safe, effective, and most economical—when used within the context of our entire protocol.

  • My ferritin is high,eyebrows third gone so why doesn't my beard stop growing and those hairs in my nose and ears? Don't symphasise I am a bloke but it's boring shaving.

  • Well, I don't think you'd like to be a soft, smooth skin, cheekie chap :)

  • At 70 a babies face would be preferable!

  • Save you lots of time in the morning. It's strange, we get hair where we don't want it and no hair where it should be. I've had alopecia for four consecutive years in the summer and began to grow back in winter. Thankfully, this year with various methods I still have hair on my head. Cross fingers it stays there.

  • That is odd. With the seasonal variation, could it be Vit D related?

    On the multple dosing of t3 thing - I take my 2 grains of Nature Throid together. I started out splitting it but it seemed to make no difference.

  • I don't think NDT needs to be split. Some do split when they take T3 only. The main thing is that sufficient T3 saturates our cells then up to 3 days it sends out 'waves' which I assume assists our metabolism and allows our bodies to function more normally.

    I don't want my day split into dosing as I want to lead a normal life, i.e. take 1 dose then forget it till next a.m.

  • Me to I don't think I could cope with my hair gone. Although sometimes I'm scared to brush it so damaged I know we can get brittle hair and I got horrendous flaky scalp is embarrassing and skin lists are endless.

  • I found Nizarol Shampoo great. The GP can prescribe 2% or you can buy 1% from the chemist. Follow the instructions carefully.

  • My hubby get script for that as he has dry scalp problems I just hate smell I've used it in past and is so thick. Pink liquid right?? I love my hair to smell I get complimented on smell at least. I will have to go get script x

  • Mine isn't too thick and the smell is not strong. The fact that it's helped keep my hair on my head is the main factor.

    You're right it is used for scalp issues and I think by accident it has been found to be helpful for hair. Alopecia Areata is what I have/had and it's worked for me. This year if my scalp was irritated/hot/itched I also took an anti-histamine tablet. It is a relief not to wear a wig especially when on holiday. You don't feel so good with no hair but just have to get on with it if it happens.


  • I'm hoping it doesn't happen for me just yet still in my 30s just lol wow didn't realise it would cause hair loss to that extent is ur alopecia caused by u being hypo? Or a separate condition on its own. It's like that Gail porter never regained her hair x

  • Not seen any men posting haha I could say same for my legs would be nice

  • There are other male posters but as women are 90% of sufferers ........

    Now I never had much hair on my legs but what I had has gone ,occasionally I find one.My son in law thought it amusing long before hypo came along.He was not so amused by my explanation that I was further evolved from monkeys then him!

  • Lol and through it all u still got a sense of humour I've been diagnosed since 26 felt hard done by told no cure. Never took it seriously for a while young stupid and docs never stated how serious it could get. This illness now I realise is cause of many of the other things I had and it's near Damn killed me as docs not even been able to read blood results. Endo said I was lucky 2 have not gone into coma. Nice to see fellow male sufferer x

  • It's boring to shave all ur body hair shaving lol

  • I noticed the front of my hair is very thin very true I wouldn't mind if it's places I actually want to be hairless lol. It was just a shock I don't often wear make up. I only knew about hair lol.

  • I do that too. I no longer look at myself, i have eye bags and thin brows and patchy lashes and am puffy and have swelling under my chin, double chin. I used to like how i looked. This disease has taken so much away from me.

  • It's horrible isn't it I was told when diagnosed . You will be fine all you have to do is take a tablet for the rest of your life. They never mentioned the crap that comes with it. Maybe we can look in the mirror again I won't let this disease beat me. It's getting there sometimes u just don't want to wake up x hope u feel better soon hun x

  • Thank you..it has been over 5 years of this Hell and i am not doing well. I am looking into what caused this and how to put it into remission. Looking at leaky gut, virus, food issues and cortisol etc.. I hope you do better too.

  • Genetics as well apparently trauma ..damage caused by a virus...pregnancy. .These are all things I read this illness if not treated or under medicated etc can lead to other illnesses never ending and ty xx

  • faith63

    I do sympathize with you as I have some of the exact symptoms you do!!!.

    I had mentioned to my OB/GYN my concerns about my drying hair, skin and nails along with increased hot flashes back in the summer of last year. Not to mention increased weight gain especially around the waist plus not being able to sleep but maybe 2-3 hours on occasion. Both he and my GP simply thought it was menopausal related. I knew something else was wrong as my body didn't feel like itself in no way at all! After doing so much endless research, I've read that being exposed to chronic stress in your life is also a culprit to bringing on hypothyroidism. This was definitely an issue with my now ex-husband and after reading how stress can bring on this disease am absolutely positive this was the cause for me.

    I used to be quite attractive and pretty healthy and dealing well with my menopause as I saw a hormone specialist right away when symptoms first started in 2009. I was also having also to deal with chronic pain from two injuries. All in all things were okay up until a a couple years now. It seemed to start with some joint pain and then severe neck pain plus fatigue. Then this last summer extensive fatigue and lethargy and neck and shoulder pain seemed to take over my life. By the end of October of last year, I could barely get out of bed let alone walk from a chair to the couch without being in so much pain, I had to hold in my tears. Both my docs and I thought it was related to my chronic pain so we simply upped my pain meds. We even added a few steroid injections to my neck and shoulder area as the pain was and continues to be excruciating in this area. Yet, this brought no resolution to these or any of my other symptoms unfortunately

    One night while washing my face, I noticed my eyebrows were missing about a third of the way..my lashes were very sparse and my hair started to fall out in clumps in the shower. Next thing, my chin started looking like it had an extra fatty pocket added to it along with eye bags and dry , dry skin not only my face but my entire body felt like the sierra!! I've still no oil on my face at all. Without moisturizer, I don't know what I'd look like or how I'd manage. I was also putting on weight and gained over 15 pounds in relatively short time mostly around my waist plus craving sweets constantly! This was something I've never done except once while using a migraine medication which I promptly went off of after gaining too much weight for my frame and experiencing weird night-time raids of the fridge and cupboards for sweets..

    After being ill with Bronchitis the entire month of October, I went to my GP in tears due to my body being so out of whack and as it didn't belong to me... not to mention these horrendous hot flashes and night time sweating which went on for ever....she thought it was hormones and sent me to my OB/GYN. While there, we started talking about things, he then remembered my complaints about dry hair, skin and eyebrows missing so he decided to run a thyroid test. A week later results came back definitely Hypo! He put me on Armor 1 Grain 60 mg daily first thing in AM with no food for at least an hour after. Miracles.... in one week I lost 9 pounds and felt immediate relief in joint pain, neck pain and clumsiness along with fatigue and lethargy...but this was short lived...lasted only about 9 days... then I started to crash so he increased dosage to 1 1/2 tablets daily which helped until right before Christmas...so for two days during holiday weekend, I upped my dosage to two tablets 60 mg daily and wow, I felt great except for the horrendous heat and hot flashes which lasted for about 1/2 hour at times. Returned to OB/GYN and he said to return back to 1 tab immediately thinking Armor dosage too high causing hot flashes... well, after testing of everything and every kind, still had hot flashes so he's now made changes to my menopause meds...from Estradiol patches of 0.075 twice weekly to Estrogen 1 mg daily...Progesterone still at 100 MG and we added Magnesium Malate 625 MG plus CALM Vitality powder supplement to help with severe constipation which makes me look like I'm about 5 months pregnant. This also helps with stress and to calm you. I take Vit D3 3000 MG along with Vit D, B6, B12 and Vit C 1000 MG. I asked about Iron levels and he said they were fine but after reviewing myself found levels at 81 when 80 was actually the lowest and then goes into basic anemia.. so, pain specialist suggested slow-release Iron or Ferritin supplement. She feels this should help with lethargy. My doc recently has decided to cut my Armor back to 1/2 tablet or 30 MG daily with Estrogen change. Feels this will cut hot flashes and help with symptoms.

    This was just this past week after blood tests came back with my TSH levels in October having gone from 3.9 to 0.4 which he now thinks has to do with time of day we took my bloodwork tests. Each time blood drawn was late in afternoon as my appointments were late in day...now I am reading it's best to have these tests drawn early in day with 24 hour time span since last Hypo meds were taken. He says my levels are simply all over the place with nothing consistent. Did I also say that I've been complaining about throat problems since before October 2015? Issues consisted of red and inflamed throat with pain swallowing, feelings of something being stuck in throat and unable to swallow, severe hoarseness of voice and swelling of neck area plus pain with a bit of swelling and noid of some kind on right side. Guess what...docs thought it was simply seasonal or allergy related! I tried to explain over an over it wasn't and felt it needed to be checked.. Well, now I am going to be seeing an Endo specialist for scoping of throat and either Ultrasound or MRI of throat. Plus, plus.....they also found I had fibroids in my Uterus, one the size of a golf ball plus 5 other odd sized. So, OB/GYN wants to perform hysterectomy ASAP due to bleeding and pain and discomfort!

    I cannot believe what a woman has to go through in her advancing age, I'm 56 yet have more issues than all my other 4 sister's put together or my poor mom who passed over 34 years ago at age 56.. sometimes I think I'd be better off just being put under 6 feet than dealing with all this garbage...

    I don't look anything like my former self which was slim, energetic, quite beautiful with great skin and shiny perfectly straight healthy hair! My eyes which people always complimented me on and which I used to model for now have puffy bags with dark circles along with sparse brows and flimsy lashes.. my once beautiful and envied nails have ridges and constantly break or have chips or cracks along the edges...my toenails are soo dry and thick and just gross... the constant fatigue is bad enough but when you throw in bone and joint pain so severe it hurts to move and makes you simply want to cry and say 'I give up"... I feel like a stranger has taken over my body and is looking back at me in the mirror. I wonder if I will ever feel or look anything like I used to. I normally never feel sorry for myself nor complain to friends or family...I mean not really but what's a person to do when it seems that each day simply brings nothing but misery and the thought of ever and ongoing pain, discomfort and worthlessness!!!! I'm 56 though people always have always thought I looked 10 years younger yet now I feel as though I am definitely starting to look older. While I don't really suffer from depression except occasionally, I am now feeling as if though I am certainly suffering from frustration! Frustration because while I've only been diagnosed since October of 2015, I truly am starting to feel this is going to be a constant uphill battle even with the best of docs in the good ole USA... I truly feel so bad for a number of women on this site and what they're experiencing or have experienced with no real results or ease of symptoms. Hopefully, I pray there will be some relief for me and I will pray for you and everyone else.

    I apologize for such an extra long reply but it seems I've kept so much to myself since diagnosed and dealing with this horrible disease and there's really been no one else to talk to or who can understand what I'm dealing with on a daily basis...simply websites and reading other patient's dealing with the same illness.

  • i didn't read all of your post, feel ill, but wanted to tell you that your story is similar to mine. The change in my appearance was drastic. I literally woke up one morning with my eyelids drooping and undereye bags. I gained 11 lbs that week, 7 lbs overnight..all fluid. My eyelashes, eyebrows too fell out, lots of them anyway and my hair too, which also became very dry and tangles, breaking off easily. I gained a total of 38 lbs in 3 months! I cannot describe the devastation! Me too, always looked younger than my age and wore anywhere from a size 0 to a size 5. i weighed 128 lbs when pregnant, now i weighed more than that without barely eating. The acne was all over too.

    Will come back later..

    Nice hearing form you. My who body hurts like the flu now, for 3 weeks, my feet are in pain, muscle aching with sharp pains. It is fibromyalgia symptoms flaring up. I am on t3 only and unable to raise. Stress is terrible right now. 8 years of this shyt.

  • Also..please do not allow the doctors to dose you by labs! You must raise the ndt, until symptoms subside or stop, if hyper symptoms show up, along with hypo, then you go to t3 only. This is what Dr. Lowe did. But who am i to give advise? It hasn't worked for me. I do have some additional circumstances like low cortisol and my pituitary has become damaged thru all this.

  • still reading your post a bit. You need to find out of you have hashimotos or not..NOW!! I too had a hysterectomy for endometriosis, fibroids and adenomyosis etc.. it is all autoimmune and it can be treated, just takes time. Then an ovarian removal later..a huge regret..all of it and necessary and do to improper thyroid meds and autoimmune disease.

    more later..

    i have consulted over 30 doctors, specialists since 2008 and they are all no good. I was denied ss disabilty..no doctor knows why i feel so bad!!! Are they frickin kidding me?!!!

  • Hi Faith,

    Thanks for your info..I actually have an appointment next week with a Thyroid Specialist, Endo and Allergy Specialist who is supposed to be top in his field.

    My GP has also ordered a scope for my throat to check for nodules and other Thyroid issues regarding hoarse voice, continued redness and swelling plus numerous sinus infections and swallowing issues, etc.

    I am definitely going to demand testing for Hashimoto's and Graves as I feel there is something definitely going on. Plus, the Adrenal and Cortisol testing as well.

    Since my neck area looks strange and not really like a double chin it leads me to think there's more than meets the eye. I've been taking frequent selfies concentrating on my face, neck, eyes and throat area. I want to be able to show these to my docs and specialists as sometimes photos help more than trying to simply explain your symptoms. I also have taken pics of my abdomen swelling to show the horrible constipation and or change in my waist and mid-section since from one season to another.

    I will definitely post my levels and maybe be able to get some feedback to help with my issues.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, no sleep is really taking it's toll on me. I'm supposed to be looking for work but can hardly concentrate or have the energy to get up, let alone go out job hunting and appearing or trying to be active and happy when all I want to do is either stay in bed until noon and just disappear from the world until I feel half-way human again.

    I do hope you feel better soon and God Bless you for your posts and attempt to help me. Thank you so very much!

  • I know..it is really scary and the doctors don't even take it seriously. We really are on our own with this.

  • It makes u wonder where these docs get their training . Good job we have this site at this rate we will have more training than them so sad. X

  • I know! Very grateful for this site. Don't feel quite as alone anymore, but am so desperate to get rid of these symptoms and i know, thyroid meds alone aren't going to get rid of them. I am on t3 only, because i don't convert well and am still puffy. Are you swollen too? My new symptoms are burning, hot, red, hands and feet. It fits with another autoimmune disease. It all scares me really bad. If i on;ly looked like myself, it would make me less miserable.

  • Has anyone else found cats claw pills a help? I take them for IBS and for my blood circulation ( swelled feet and ankles). They have a good write up on web and understand that they use them with something else for treating aids as it is good for the immune system.

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