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Are these results really that normal?

Taking all these symptoms into consideration, do these results appear to be normal?


Awful fatigue


Rashes/red lines on skin

Sun makes me feel ill



Low blood pressure

Puffy eyes

Hair coming out

Joint pains

Toe nails falling off

Being sick in the night


Chest pain (mostly on breathing)

Eye pain


Regular headaches

Carpel tunnel

Serum free T4 level 12.6 9.00-23.00

Serum TSH level 1.74 0.20-4.50

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We need

Free T3

Thyroid antibodies




Vit d3

in order to have a clue as to why your free t4 is pretty low

could be Central Hypothyroid

or it could be anyone of a number of things from some form of poisoning to hypothyroid


Thanks for the reply. I don't have those on paper sorry. Have Immunoglobulins, full blood count etc.


If doctors did the correct tests a lot of suffering could be saved


Is toenails falling off a B12 deficiency symptom, RFU? Can't remember just now...


If you've not yet been diagnosed these are a few links which might be helpful.

When you get blood tests always get a print-out of the results with the ranges. If it's a blood test for the thyroid gland, make the appointment as early as possible and fast.

The pity is (if you refer to the interpretation) that doctors are told not to diagnose until the patient's TSH is around 10 or around 5 with symptoms but that doesn't always work as the TSH is variable and can change throughout the 24 hours.

Your symptoms do sound hypo and your doctor should take into account your symptoms (unfortunately he might not be aware of that).


Thanks for all the comments and yes, shaws, they know everything, been back and forth for the past 4 years! Do you think my T4 looks low?


Comeonpeeps, it is a bit low in range, but it is in range and you won't get treatment until it is below range or TSH is above range.


Thanks Clutter. I'm understanding it now, It's very frustrating.


I had a toenail that kept falling off until I was on thyroxine.


Oh did you Sandra? Was your diagnosis straight forward. I'm wondering how I'm ever going to get better without a diagnosis and treatment!


LUPUS have you ever been tested? I have similar symptons and was getting nowhere with gp until someone told me at work about lupus.


Hi Fern. Yes I have but not on my last tests. Do you have it?


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