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There is something I have been wondering about Armour Thyroid. The maker of Nature Throid and WP Thyroid stresses that their products are free from corn and gluten.

I wonder if corn and gluten are necessarily a problem if you are not allergic to any of them? Or is there any other reason to avoid medication containing corn and gluten?

Erfa contains talc, and I am not sure how healthy that is in the long run...

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I'd definitely sooner have corn than some of the fillers in tablets. One at the moment that particularly bothers me is Polyvinylpyrolidone, which sounds 'plastic'and does give me a plastic taste in my mouth. Wonder if this could be what is responsible for the glue-like lumps on skin, although this is in Nutri-Adrenal I did not have it while taking these, until six months later when I was changed from Goldshield Eltroxin to Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine. Maybe some fillers don't mix with others in different meds!


Interesting, and really complicated, right?!?!?

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