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What To Do??!!

I've posted before & I hope I'm not repeating myself. Twenty+ years ago, I had a severe fall down the stairs; I was house-sitting for a vacationing couple. It was about midnight when I fell; Almost 24 hours later the couple returned & found me unconscious & with a severe head injury. I was air-lifted to the hospital & in surgery a few minutes later. I suffered a stroke while being transported. I have many health issues but I am alive today & truly I am a miracle! I've been hypo for several years. I was taking Synthyroid ; but now I'm only taking Cytomel (liothyronine) . I was taking 2& one-half per day but my hair is still coming out, so I decided to take 3/day. So far, I can tell no difference in my hair but maybe it's not been enough time. This is really depressing! I really am caught between a rock & a hard place!!!!! I may have to go back to the doc AGAIN! WHAT TO DO!!!!?????

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Hi Brenda

So was your hypothyroidism caused by damage to your pituitary gland then - do you have what's known as central hypothyroidism? I understand that can happen after head injuries?

Re the hair loss, do you know whether you're anaemic? Ferritin deficiency is a big contributor to hair loss.


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