low t3 has taken away years of my life

I have a hard time getting my head around all the things ive done and not done AS A DIRECT RESULT of the lack of t3 in my body, i try to be positive, and i accept responsibility for my own actions, i accept blame when i am wrong, but i am ANGRY at i dont know who YET, (medical professionals or pharmaceutical companies) at the many many MANY things i have lost because i was too tired to participate in. im talking about lost job opportunities and family get togethers, MAJOR life decisions because i was sick, im going to call it sick now because thats what is is, its not lazy, how long i've hated myself because i thought i was just lazy. i am being completely honest when i say ive thought that this life is no life to live, that ive abused opiates just to get a boost in the morning, ALL THESE THINGS are because of my lack of a simple SIMPLE medication that is denied to me, that since joining this group and finding out all i have, see that IT IS EASIER TO FIND HEROIN ONLINE THAN IT IS FINDING T3, and that makes me really upset. this is a an outrage!!!! of all the drugs the major companies and dr's push on patients (and there are some things i just would never take) the one they ban is the one that could give us our life back?

this epiphany of t3 information is life changing and i am actually looking back at the life i lost for ten years and its devastating.

i can accept it, and move on, but, i blamed myself for years of not being the person i should have been. does ANYONE else think this way? or is it just me?

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  • AMEN to that Arugala, I think all your assumptions are correct. Short of calling it a conspiracy of sorts, some influence is causing this terrible dilemma and you have a perfect right to be very upset. The lazy ones are doctors who refuse to change the system if they have some power. Dr. Skinner stood up for the patient and as you can see, he paid a dear price for doing it. But, here on in, let's be positive because there are ways around this persistent vegetative medical system. Let's get to the place we need to be and make up for all that lost time. Have you seen the videos I have been posting by Dr. John Bergman and Dr. David Clark. This kind of information will help you piece things together to help yourself.

  • thank you Heliose

    i was thinking my post might be a little too nasty and thought of removing it, but, it was therapeutic, so, im looking forward to getting back my life, ill leave it there to remind me.

    i had a chance to watch the video you sent, and was amazed by what he had to say.

    ill surely go to your posts and start reading up

    have a great day

    and thanks again

  • I actually wish we had audio on this site so people could yell at the top of the lungs about this egregious situation. This condition has so many moving parts and one pill is not going to cure it. But there are still many things you can do for yourself as you will learn.

    You can go directly to You Tube and Dr. Bergman and Dr. Clark and look them up or click on the icon at bottom right of videos. Very informative. The nice part is that they directly accuse the doctors of their ignorance and will substantiate everything you feel. Sometimes birth control pills are part of the hormonal disruption. Estrogen is a problem and found in non organic foods. Fluoride, chlorine and bromines also disrupt. These are things you can begin processing and see if you can take steps in the right direction. Keep posting especially when you need encouragement.

    Best Wishes:)

  • i keep thinking about this video you posted, and its connection with seratonin levels, it makes sense, i was on something that increases seratonin and now that its not affecting my seratonin anymore, im even more tired lately, i wont get into what i was on or why i know its not affecting my seratonin, but usually when i read something, i need to digest it and then a light bulb goes off and things start to make sense, like all the things ive read about thyroid levels and t4 t3 and so on.

    i dont know how to keep a steady glucose level, but id be interested to learn how, my diet is horrible, hardly like to even cook but ive always known a good diet can help with many health issues, just hard to change old habits

  • You must watch the Dr. Bergman video, I know it's long but I think it will motivate you. Taking those antidepressants or serotonin uptakes just don't help more than a very, very limited time and because it is a synthetic chemical, makes gut health worse. You've got to restore your gut. Just try to eat whole foods. The easiest is buying frozen vegetables and maybe frozen quinoa and add some sauce you like. Do you like curry? Give your body what it needs, you could even be malnourished at this point, and it will heal. Keep learning. This one is a little shorter but the nervous system if very interesting.

  • that is so strange, at work yesterday someone mentioned dr bergman, she told me to get his book, about how he is THE BEST as far as thyroid info, another sign, ill definately watch his video, thank you again H

  • I'm afraid the AMA is going to put a "hit" on him, he exposes them so articulately. Abandon all your faith in so-called medical professionals. They don't seem pay attention to research OR symptoms!!!! Many drugs are poison. As he puts it, they make you feel good while they rot your insides. I've seen enough proof of that as well.

    I've been investigating for almost twenty years and Dr. Bergman actually mentions Ray Peat as the real authority on thyroid but Bergman knows about everything else. These kinds of people are denigrated and harrassed. Some doctors are sneaking out of the profession before they are hunted down. I'm not kidding. Only go to them for an infection possibly or surgery. They are good at that.

  • i actually work for a chiropractor, he has taught me so many things that i would not have payed attention to, he suggested using iodine or ioderal to be specific, but, i think that supplementing t3 rather than try to take all these other things seems like an easy shortcut to getting better, what do you think?

  • Well, he gives a good example of what lengths the body will go to, to achieve the goal. The elements that resemble iodine and often displace it are other halides like bromine, fluoride, and chlorine and will attempt to use them if it has to. And iodine has so many other benefits as in disinfection, etc. But people are not getting enough iodine. This would straighten out so many interactions. Also, why so much breast cancer which breasts also need iodine so Iodoral for both thyroid and breasts would benefit. I'm not sure if T3 could do all of that but I'm not a chemist or a nutritionalist so still learning myself.

    I think the videos will urge you to change some of the mindset necessary to be healthy. Your body really deserves it.

  • that tells me how downright cynical the healthcare system has gotten, thats moblike mentality and i applaud the dr who goes up against them, i also feel for them and your post explains why we wont find a dr thats willing to open the other door for us. it seems so unfair, its very political, but its actually shocking that the dr's in other countries, (meaning other than USA and UK or europe) have also joined the bandwagon

  • He also taught anatomy for 8 years and as a chiropractor certainly knows about the nervous system. I wonder how much of that they teach in medical school.

  • Hang in there, I really think we are on the right track on this website. It certainly has opened my eyes. I guess it's because I'm having such a good day today.

  • what i think they tell the newbie doctors is a lie, i think they have literally changed scientific data to fit their goals and i think its not questioned and until too many doctors end up with a thyroid conditions, nothing will change. so, you're right about abandoning our faith in doctors, they dont even know how wrong they are, its sad, but one would think if they were the specialist in their field (endocrinologists) they would be pretty disappointed with all the schooling they paid for, they should be heroes, but instead are drones for the political healthcare industry. sad

  • I was just talking about this with a man that I love but cannot start a relationship with him as long as I am this ill.

    I told him that I fear the anger inside me. I have found out that a psychiatric has written a letter to my go years ago regarding to my bloods that I should be sent to endo. I never received a letter.

    I found it out while ordering old lab tests from clinics I have been to see have they ever tested anything that matters.

    So a psychiatric saw my bloods are weird where gp's see me weird. I have been told numerous of times that nothing can be done. That I am just this way. Psychologist have told me that people like me cannot be helped. It is my parents fault, the environment, how I was raised etc.

    I have so much hate and anger inside that I worry it will throw me into deep depression if I manage to get help and find a doctor who admits my t3 is not correct amongst other things.

    I fear it all bursts out.

    So I do understand. I have blamed myself. I have been thinking I am just waste of space and maybe nothing I am going through is not real. Maybe I am imagining I am weak. Then I go and try to exercise and end up bedridden for days and realise I am not imagining it.

  • I'm sorry you have suffered so long. I've been sick a few months and I feel guilt because I feel like a burden to my family. I don't do anything around the house anymore. I can imagine so many lost years would cause anger and depression at times. Do you have a good friend that will let you call and talk when those feelings come up? My spouse tends to want to solve everything and he can't, so it leads to frustration.I just need someone to listen.

  • This is me all over x

  • maryd, i have an awesome group of friends, not that i ever go out, but they are there. and i felt better after saying (typing) what i typed, i had a fit and now i feel better, and the best part is, there is a name for what i have, it gives me something to work with.

    thank you for your kind words, i feel a lot better

  • Men always want to solve the problem without realising we women want someone to listen to us! They want to be our heroes and rescue us :D

    I do talk with my friends but I guess they find it hard to believe as I am so calm that I could be angry.

  • not all men, just the good ones, they dont always get it, but it sounds like you have a good one,

    my friends have seen me in action, which is cool one minute and telling off someone the next, but thats just me, they still love me, be yourself, you sound amazing girl

  • hi justina,

    i dont feel much like going to the gym anymore either.

    i hope youre able to get a tsh test done, what is wrong with doctors that treat patients like that? its horrible.

    im going to message you tomorrow

    thank you so much for making me feel like im not a crazy person,

    and i understand not dragging a boyfriend into a world where we dont even feel like leaving the house.


  • Yes I feel this was, have been angry for so long but it's not helping so decided to accept what's gone can't be changed but what we have now is all there is so I make the most of each second spent with my family and friends and go to bed happy that it was such a good day with them!! Unless it's been a bad day of course but then I try to meditate and thank the universe for the now, let the future take care of itself, I try and find some joy within the misery, i.e when in a lot of pain I do some crochet which I have just started or I practice singing for my choir, it makes a difference and takes your mind off all the shit!!! Xx

  • you are so right, i have lots to be thankful for. i guess when i realized a lot of the things in my life were in connection to my thyroid i got emotional, it made me look back and put things together, it overwhelmed me.

    i really appreciate your encouragement. thank you

  • I still feel really angry some days and just cry all day on other days but I'm working on it! :(.

    All the best to you xxx

  • I have opiate addiction to hun I'm struggling with everything u have just said is an exact mirror image of Me. Nobody wants to help and judges us for our actions . I'm fed up for feeling guilty for not going to London for Xmas for family stuff. I had to look twice as I thought I wrote this post. I been called fat lazy and my mum yelling me to move a bit more and go for walk change diet. She is hypo herself but because he med's are working for her she thinks she knows it all. Please msg as I'm off opiates for 24 hrs now. Maybe I can help somebody helped me and it's changed me for pain at least x im here if u need me xxx

  • thank you, i sent you a private message.

  • Replied xx

  • I feel angry for all the years i have lost to the curse that is thyroid disease .And i think there are many that feel the same.So its not just you its the curse that is thyroid disease.

  • Amen to that x

  • Also keep in mind that it is LOW acid that causes Gerd and not too much acid production. You need that acid and even more, Arugula, because you cannot demineralize the nutrients and then we become deficient. You can order Betaine which is pretty cheap and/or use organic vinegar with meals.

  • wow, i didnt know that. im going to look into that, thank you so much.

  • scdlifestyle.com/2012/06/hy...




    Some links to get you started on the subject of stomach acid and the lack of it. :)

  • I think your post has hit a never for a lot of people arugala. I've had my days recently where I get really angry at the fact that I lost 2 years of my life to CFS back in 2002 and have spent a long time thinking just as you, that I was probably lazy but in denial and that's why I was obese, that my stomach issues were down to my bad eating habits, pain and discomfort was from getting older, yadda, yadda, yadda. I still have moments of doubt that it's all in my head (even though I *know* it's not). I know that anger serves no purpose, but every now and again it just feels good to have a damned good rant, shout and shake your fists at the moon just to get it out of the system :) I'm on the road to recovery. I know that doing it on my own is not going to be quick but I know that the help and support that I get from here is going to see me through any rough patches. Better late than never. I'm just very glad I ended up here!

  • hi hunny, (i like your name)

    i took all that on in the form of guilt (my symptoms) and carried it and blamed myself and now im releasing it, im not going to let my thyroid destroy me anymore. thats what it did until this day. yeah, i have depression in my family and addiction, but to my core, i do not think if not for exhaustion, that i would have been so unproductive, but i am spiritual, and i believe, i was given a week where my levels lined up right, (it was like two weeks ago) i woke up early for work WITH ALL THIS ENERGY, it was awesome and i loved life and im telling you, when it passed and i was back to my shitty thyroid life, i wanted that back, which led me here. im greatful for that, and i watch for signs, and i believe i was given one, instead of being mad that i got to see NORMAL for a moment, i am glad and see that was how the rest of the world wakes up in the morning, i deserve the normal and so do you.

    thank you


  • Ooooo, I do like reading a good rant :)

    If you ever try to convey the depth of disappointment with your doctors about the treatment (or lack of) that you get, and try to explain how you feel ... you just get "the look" as they reach for the prescription pad and offer you anti-depressants.

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