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Where has my (joy of life / get up and go / oomph) gone???

I have learnt an awful lot through accessing this site and am so grateful for the information gleaned - I would be in a much worse state were it nor for advice on so many things, especially the importance of Vitamins and going Gluten free. I eat well, take supplements, have increased my Levo to 75mcg and can take Cynomel whenever I feel I need to (although I haven't taken any recently) and overall I feel fine (apart from heel pain). What I do feel, however, is that I have lost the life energy I used to have - I am such a different person to the person I was 2 years ago. It is manifest in so many little ways and life just generally feels an effort whereas it used to feel a privilege. That may sound weird but I cannot really think how to express this - I keep leaving things that formally I would have done instantly, whether it be a minor thing like washing the kitchen floor or something more important like making appointments or paying bills. I am aware that I wander from room to room in the house (I don't work) and keep putting things off then not doing them. I mentioned it to my doctor a few weeks ago and she said (basically) well at least you're alive. That may seem harsh but I know what she means and I know I have a good life and I know that I am blessed with a healthy and close knit family and I know I am fortunate in so many ways but........ where has my spirit for living gone????

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I know exactly what you mean so you're not alone!

Zero motivation to do anything despite feeling fairly OK. Beginning to wonder whether to buy a SAD light box, something I've considered before.


Well maybe a SAD light box would help - I am not too sure of the idea behind it - I always assumed it was to do with Vitamin D (which I am now taking plenty of) but just being in a bright light might be enough to help - in fact with the sun currently shining I have just been out for a cycle ride (well more a cycle drag 'cos there is a strong wind) and just being in sunshine for 30 minutes has pepped me up - now for that hoovering (well maybe later) x


Well done on getting out on your bike! Must have been bloomin' hard work though. Are you a regular cyclist?

I'm going to ride tomorrow - just changed a tyre so no excuse!


I think maybe that shot of fresh air and exercise was just what I needed. I cycled to a local butchers (a farm out on the marshes) and bought some cow bones which I will use to make broth. I was told that broth is really good for you and helps keep you healthy and had told the farmer this the other week. He was somewhat surprised when I walked in the shop/shed and croaked out my usual request for bones, I think perhaps he figured it hadn't actually helped my health at all. I have had a rotten cold and although I feel better I am still croaky - so much for broth!!

I am not a regular cyclist but love walking - I walked 7 k's every morning when living in France and walked a lot back here in the UK as well. Unfortunately my Plaantar Fasciitis has completely put paid to that for now which is why I decided to start cycling - it is far less painful than walking. Hope the weather is OK for cycling tmrw.


Lovely day today! Much of my ride was shared with the world-famous River Test, very full indeed. Feel so much better for getting out.

Re broth - well, the Scots knew a thing or two as it's part of their staple diet!


hi there loobs , I had the same kind of ' dis- motivation ' some years ago when I had went from working fully [ 80hrs + per week and buzzing & bopping with it .....to being virtually housebound [ my own health issues ] ...... I overcame that by finding what I was good at ==and more importantly others were not == I am good at using the phone and insisting [ after gaining the facts ] that company's / council / and departments HAVE TO COMPLY .....I have made so many friends locally by helping them when they have had problems and resolving them I now have a fuller heart ,motivation and far more important people I didn't know existed a few years ago are now firm friends and most help me if and when they can ............just think what ARE you good at AND WORK AT IT that will give you the motivation you really need ........ and may well help your condition in the future ......alan xx


Funnily enough I did say to my husband this morning that I am considering looking for some voluntary work - a charity shop or something (I would love to work as a volunteer at a hospital but the nearest one is over 30 miles away and the car parking would cost as much as the petrol!!!!) so I can quite see that what you say makes sense. It would be helping myself as well as other people so that may well be the way forward - thank you. x


so glad to have put a suggestion to you that can possibly make a little sense ....... don't forget that there are a lot of other things that can help you to start focussing your own direction ---- find out if there is an older guy/gal or disabled in your area that just needs a visit or a daily paper or a phone call now and again YOU will get such a lift in heart from a minor thing I can assure you you will never look back ....... alan xxx


I did some voluntary work, only 3 sessions though as I moved away from the area. It definitely did wonders for my confidence and having to communicate with others made a difference. The key is finding something that you're passionate about!


I know exactly how you feel!

It's hard getting it across isn't it but I am different than I was before. I always had everything under control and had plenty of enthusiasm and get up and go, now I just want to do the bare minimum I have to. I do work 23 hours a week and I find this does help me focus (for a while at least!), but my memory is so poor I do forget to do things and thankfully my boss and all my family are very supportive. I have to write everything down that I need to do that day, write everything down that I need to buy when I go shopping etc otherwise I will just wander around aimlessly wondering what on earth I'm supposed to be doing. Sometimes I think I must be going crazy.

I'm still working on optimising iron/vitamins etc thanks also to the help on this site. Keep you chin up.



Well it certainly sounds the same - it is so annoying, isn't it? It is as though your brain knows what to do / what needs doing but the message doesn't quite have enough of a kick in it to get you to do it (I will wash round those bathroom taps that I have told myself to clean every morning for the last 3 weeks but just haven't got round to!!! I see the dirt and poke at it and tut and think must do that later but end up not doing it) I started writing short stories for magazines a couple of years ago and loved it (although I never managed to get one published) but although I have the time, I just don't have the enthusiasm I did. OK rant over - I will do the taps after the hoovering (sob) which I will do after making that lemon cake which I am going to start any minute now.................

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Iam exactly the same ,i have no interest in any of the hobbies i used to have,i have let friends and family go,i live in social isolation ,a prison of thyroid problems making,as i cannot leave the house on my own due to anxiety,i feel i don't know who i am any more,(have only been like this since TT in 2007)GP waste of time, then you feel that you cannot be bothered so don't go back,


Oh you poor thing - it sounds as though it is a real problem for you if it has affected your relationships. I don't know anything about TT but you have my sympathies as it has obviously affected you horribly and makes my problems seem somewhat insignificant - I do wish you all the very best xx


Thanks .I have had a lot of helpful advise off this site ,and its does make you feel you are not alone(for we are many)i have had round 1 with GP hopeless as you can imagine,but i see a consultant at the hospital who is brill ,but have been too proud to really say whats going on ,but did have a talk to him before xmas after obtaining my blood results from gp from 2009 onwards (this could be a good idea for you to do)the gp is keeping my TSH at the high end of the range.So hence all the problems.the same maybe happening to you ,you would have more results to compare with,


That sounds tough for you. I hope you can find a way of dealing with it.


Know exactly what you mean. I don't feel ill but I feel aimless these days. I force myself to go to the gym and Pilates. In fact I have to force myself to do pretty much everything. Same with housework, like you I don't work and what you said about 'wandering from room to room' really struck a chord. It's not that I can't do things or even that I'm depressed - I just can't be bothered.

I've got several hobbies and lots of things I could do but it's as if all the urgency has gone out of my life and things that I ought to do I just think I'll do it later. If I need to get active though I am quite able to, it's just a total lack of urgency and too much willingness to sit and daydream that is the problem. I keep telling myself that I will never get wasted time back but hey ho - that doesn't make any difference. Maybe when summer comes and it gets warmer and we can get out into the garden things will improve.

I've lost touch with some friends and written off others (I blame the Graves it made me kind of intolerant and I just got fed up with things that I put up with in the past)

I got a SAD light a few years ago - the Lumie one that works like an alarm clock - not the really bright one that you can put by your computer, I have found that very good, I used to feel terribly gloomy and depressed around this time of the year but haven't since I got that. So it was money well spent.

I'm impressed with you cycling! I love my bike but only really use it off road ( that's on proper cycle tracks not up mountains in case anyone gets the wrong idea!) I love walking too but it is getting more and more difficult to find places that are not soggy these days and I don't love walking enough to want to go out and plough through boggy ground. I? Wait until the weather improves.

Whereabouts in France did you live? We love France, we go over in our camper every year.

Try chicken soup, it's supposed to be good for curing ills, but it is good to get marrow bones too, I remember when my mother always used a real marrow bone for her scotch broth. Mmmm.

Looks like a lot of us with thyroid problems feel like you do so you're not alone :-)


It is peculiar isn't it - your comment about "can't be bothered' just about sums it up for me. Of course the weather doesn't help and it is amazing how restorative a bit of sunshine is - I think it is supposed to be sunny here today so I see another bike ride looming.

We go to a small village on the Charente/Dordogne border - between Angouleme and Perigeaux which is far enough south to have slightly warmer weather in the summer - roll on June.x


Thats a very nice area, we came up that way from Chartres a few years ago. We've been to Saintes a few times and stayed in Rochefort for a few days last year, we went from Ile de Re, to Ile d' Oleron then up the coast, discovered Fouras, that was lovely, the camp site was right by the beach and we got a boat over to Ile d'Aix. So many flat quiet places to cycle. We have been going right down to Provence though recently, it is such a long horrible drive but worth it when we get there, we try to get a few days in Aix en Provence then head off down to the coast, last year we went along towards Montpelier. Sadly we have to wait until September before we can go back.

Yes it stayed sunny here all day, I hope you got your bike ride in. We have a new girl in my Pilates class who was hobbling about last week, it turns out she has plantar facilitis, and was due to have another steroid injection the day after I spoke to her, she could barely walk, never mind that she was in great pain. Its good that you can still cycle.

I started off this morning intending to go for a walk if we could find somewhere that wasn't too waterlogged and ended up doing patchwork, dyeing fabric and reorganising the deep freeze. Accomplished a lot but sadly nothing energetic


Hi from Australia, Loobs39.

I had become the same way as you describe, over about an 8-year period, to the degree, that I

was surrounded by everything that needed doing, & I didn't even care any more - in one way

it was bliss, as there wasn't one iota of stress left in me - not like me at ALL!

Then I was diagnosed with the dreaded Grave's disease, had to wait 8 weeks for the Carbimozole

to come back on the market here after being unavailable for a year, but within 3 weeks of starting

the Carb., I've actually become more focused than I've been for about 40 years!!!! (I'm 67).

I'm not sure what your thyroid problem is, but if you're overactive with Grave's, can you ask to switch

over to Carbimozole? It seems to be manufactured in Berlin.

I sure hope your cloudy thinking disappears very soon, by whatever means.

Have you considered changing your GP? Mine's a South African, they're very switched on, as well

as conscientious about you as a person.

All the best Loobs39. I send you a big hug from OZ :)




Thank you for your lovely reply - and all the way from Oz! You must definitely be getting better weather than us.

I am Hypo (almost certainly Hashimoto's) and have, as I say, learnt a lot over the past year or so. I am now Gluten free and supplementing like mad and do feel loads better except, as I say, for this lack of umph. However, things are looking up as I have been for a bike ride again today, baked a cake, made some soup, made sausage rolls and jam tarts (all gluten free of course) and I have even cleaned around the taps in the bathroom (although you know how it goes, do the taps, then the sink then the outside of the sink and before you know where you are, you are on your hands and knees cleaning around the back of the loo and then the whole floor 'cos you're down there anyway).

I am very keen to try LDN and have written to my doctor asking about it so maybe that will help. Apart from the awful foot/heel pain I feel good - bring on summer. Have a great day x


Wow, that is such a long time not to be able to get Carbimazole for. What did you take instead? Funny how in one way you can be so 'hyped up' with Graves yet in another you can feel so lacking in motivation.


Hi Fruitandnutcase.

I didn't take anything whilst waiting for Carbimazole, and & felt absolutely disgusting, because my doc had put me on Inderal to slow my heart. There was another product available, but my doc was opposed to that & said he didn't want me to take it - he didn't say it's name.

Yes, the opposite types of hyperthyroid are quite weird - I had the other hyper 5 weeks after I gave up smoking 32 years ago (& have read recently that that connection's quite common, often followed by shingles, which I got), & had LOADS of energy, just couldn't go to sleep at night, let alone stay asleep, & lost heaps of weight. The only slightly similar symptom that I can recall, is the giddiness. (Being sleepless one night, I heard next door's V8 being stolen at 2 a.m., rang the police, & they caught the thieves half a block away, so that was a positive :) )

Loobs39, if your heel pain is directly under your heel, drinking lemon juice cures that - one glass in the mornings, but thin it out with apple juice to neutralise the flavour - that equals 2 glasses with 1/2 apple juice in each. On the second day maybe, but definitely the third, the pain will go.

You really got a spurt on yesterday, didn't you? WOW! I'm not actually sure that we should bust our gut when we're ill though, as thyroid issues are serious. X


I had the couldn't sleep, lost masses of weight, stressed out nervous wreck, pounding heart etc. think the alternative to carb is called PTU. I don't know what I would have done without the carb.

Know what you mean about busting your gut, I did nothing that would tire me out when I was at my worst, well I did nothing but sleep full stop. I treated myself as the invalid I felt I was, I pretty much kept going to the gym but only because of the company, my Pilates teacher is a physio and I kept going there but everything I did was heavily modified

I must tell that girl at my Pilates class about your lemon juice / apple juice cure! That's impressive. She is in such pain and she is quite young ( well she is compared to me )


Hi - the pain seems to move (yes I know that sounds odd) but is mainly either in the heel or under the heel. Unfortunately the lemon thing doesn't work for me as I have been drinking the juice of half a lemon in warm water every morning for the last few months (part of my health kick - gluten free, supplements etc.). My doctor said there were three options - an injection which she said is very painful and quite often doesn't work, certain pain killers (I hate taking anything like that but tried them - Tauxib 90mcg - and they didn't help) or Nike Air Trainers - which do help a bit. I have had this now for several months and, as I said, lots of people without Thyroid problems get it so I guess I will just have to soldier on for now. I have noticed since increasing my Levo (3 weeks ago) that I feel so much better generally and I'm hoping that might reflect in my heel pain!!!


Hi can totally relate to all of you. Before meds couldn't understand why I just didn't have it in me anymore. I would say now...... I am getting there.....I think as far as relationships having no energy to begin with just couldn't keep up with some of them and in someways its a relief. Or maybe its my age now don't seem to have the need to please everyone. I seem to have to force myself to get some things done. Just had blood work done and waiting for my results almost hoping for a little increase in meds. You mentioned heal pain? I get it in one of my heals on and off would you say its just part of all of this? Just random. Best to you....... I guess I better get on that treadmill today LOL.....Have a good one


Not too sure on the heel pain - I do tend, these days, to assume anything I have that makes me feel rubbish is Thyroid related but then you mention it to people who don't have Thyroid problems and find they have suffered from the same thing. It is definitely Plantar Fasciitis and loads of people have it, both with and without Thyroid problems but having said that, I do remember reading somewhere that there can be a connection although it was so complicated that I couldn't understand it!! Anyway, having had it several months I am hoping it will go soon as it is rotten having to judge every journey anywhere by how far I can walk.

Sooo back on that treadmill, set if to fast - go!!! x


LOL thanks for your reply lets just keep on keeping on all the best to you!


Forgot to mention Loobs39, that our current temperatures are hovering between 33 & 37 degrees. One of my symptoms is heat intolerance, so my air con's on by just after lunch. x


Hi 5858. See my letter above to Fruitandnutcase re heel pain cure. x


Hi cuteyoungchic thanks for the tip I will give it a try. I heard drinking the lemon in the morning is a good cleanse for the body......


Hang in there 5858!


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