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Going from under to over?!!!

I have been taking 225mg thyroxine for an under active thyroid for the last five years. The last month or so I have been feeling very poorly, classic symptoms of an over active thyroid. Blood test results have come back as tsh 0.05 t4 28. My GP says I have been over medicating. I really don't understand how suddenly my tsh is now reading overactive. Any ideas?

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I have Hashimoto's and am constantly going from under to over. My husband feels great on 225 but they also said he is over. It has happened a couple of times when he has gone over and then gone under as well.

Apparantly TSH can even change with the cold.

I think they also don't quite understand all the subtleties with thyroid yet

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Siouxsi, your TSH is low but not suppressed. FT4 28 looks high though. What is the range?

If you have positive autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) it can cause fluctuations in levels by destroying thyroid cells which then dump hormone into the blood causing a temporary hyper phase.

The other reason may be improved absorption of the Levothyroxine dose. Have you recently adopted gluten-free or cut sugar or dairy from your diet?

If you feel overmedicated skip 2 or 3 doses and reduce dose by 25mcg.


IF you have symptoms of being over active then lower your meds otherwise do not. Your doctor will go on your TSH and nothing else, this is wrong. You can lower yout meds yourself which allows you to raise them if you need to.


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