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Over to under?

Hi everyone, I am amazed to see so many people with similar issues to me, I'm hoping someone may have some experience they can share with me.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid in 2012 and given a prescription of Carbimazole. My levels reached normal ranges and I stopped the meds but haven't felt normal since. I have consistently had low albumin levels, low iron and low folic levels. My energy levels are low, I get shaky and have heart palpitations and headaches constantly. My ankles are so swollen now that I developed plantar fasciatis and had to stop running which I found helpful for energy levels.

My last results were TSH 0.1 and free T4 of 4.3 so my doctor insisted I must be fine. I've read the book by Dr Peatfield and am even more confused now - does this result mean hypothyroid? Should I follow his advice for supplements etc? Any shared experience or advice would be greatly appreaciated.

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TSH 0.1 indicates hyperthyroidism not hypothyroidism. Do you have the lab ref range (the figures in brackets after result) for FT4 4.3? Without the range it isn't possible to see whether 4.3 is low, high or middling in order to confirm hyperthyroidism.


Thanks, I'll get a print out of my results from the doctors and respond tomorrow.


Hi 123 are you seeing endocrinologist, if not I would ask gp to refer you to one, also when you post results if you have ones for iron ,folic and any other vitamis then post them as well and members will be able to advise.


Thanks, will do so tomorrow. I have been discharged from Endocrinology since 2012 amd have asked for referral from gp to be told this is normal and I will be like this for the rest of my life. I refuse to accept that is the case and am doing my own research now so this website is very helpful.


Did endo tell you why you were hyperthyroid? Have you got graves disease. Seems to me your gp doesn't know what they are doing,. You shouldn't be having all the symptoms you have, when properly medicated.


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