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Help with blood results please

Hi Everybody

I have been hypo for 10 years and was stable on Levo (100)until past couple years when I have become overmedicated on a couple of occasions (or allergic to Mercury fillers).

Started Wockhardt last autumn and have been building up dose slowly. Endo 'signed me off' on 75 Levo in Jan, but I was still hypo so been increasing dose slowly. I can't seem to stabilise, when I was on 87.5mg I still got the fatigue but when I increased to 100mg, became overmedicated. I then tried 87.5/100 alternate days - still too much!

May 2015 Blood results (NHS - refused to do T3)

FT4 17.2 9.0-23

TSH 1.22 0.25-5

August 2015 private blood results last week :

FT4 20.3 11-26

TSH 0.24 0.35-4.5

FT3 5.0 3.1 - 6.8 Is this low ?

I am very keen to try NDT - my question is, how much would members suggest I should start on and the other question please is, would you advise an antibody test ? I had one 16 months ago and results came back 'equivocal'

many thanks


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Daffers, May results look a little undermedicated. August results are good but don't indicate overmedication. TSH is low, FT4 near upper quadrant, and FT3 5 is good, just below the top third of range.

If you feel hyper on 87.5/100 try 87.5 x 2/100 or 87.5 x 3/100.

If you switch to NDT 1 grain is equivalent to 75-100mcg T4. Reduce T4 to 37.5/50mcg and introduce half a grain (30mg). Two weeks later stop T4 and increase NDT to 1 grain. If you feel overmedicated on 1 grain try 3/4 grain.

An equivocal result doesn't rule out antibodies so it is worth retesting.


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