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Should I wait?

Hi, first let me say how great it is to find this supportive community.

I recently got a private thyroid blood test purely on a hunch as I've never been diagnosed with hypo or had any suggest I might be. And while I am a subclinical case the results definitely suggest there is something up there. They are:

FT4 15.77, FT3 4.45, TSH 7.02, Anti-Thyroglobulin Ab 303.6. I also present hypo symptoms; fatigue, depression, eyebrow loss, psoriasis, psoriaritic arthritis, cold hands/feet. As a middle aged man I dare say I'm a low priority. Since I'm new to this is it worth arguing my case for treatment with my GP or do I really need to wait until I get sicker?

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Your TSH is well over 5 which is the stupid NHS threshold so yes you need to be treated and fast

You are clearly hypothyroid although your free t4 and free t3 are not too bad currently so you need treating before things get worse

I bet your cholesterol is high


Welcome to the forum, Twospoons.

Positive thyroglobulin antibodies means you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) which is destroying your thyroid gland. There's no point in delaying treatment until you are overtly hypothyroid (TSH >10). Treatment now will slow progression and prevent symptoms worsening. Your FT4 and FT3 levels are probably only as good as they are thanks to the high TSH flogging your thyoid to produce hormone.

Middleaged men are no less deserving of treatment and consideration than anyone else. Most GPs will treat a patient with positive antibodies and TSH >5, if yours won't, see other GPs at the practice or change practice.


You should certainly be treated for hypo with a TSH over 7 and the symptoms you describe. Also as your antibodies are high you need treatment but NHS generally says there is not treatment. I found that a GF, gluten free, diet helped me and I got my TPO levels almost down to zero.

You should also ask GP to get your Vit D, B12, iron ferritin and folate levels checked. You should have levels at the high end to benefit properly if you are given levothyroxine. Hope you have a "clued up" GP!


Many thanks for your kind replies. I think I should get preventative treatment too, but of course "should" butters no parsnips.


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