What dose of thyroxine should i really be on?

Hi, was diagnosed few years ago with hypo but as some know i was left on 25 s and tsh of 4 for 2 years until a new doc said i really should increase and aim for tsh of under 2 at least... Since then I've gone up to 50s, then 75s and my recent tsh is 1.8, but I'm starting to feel like i need more again, doc suggested alternate 100,75 but no more in case i go hyper according to tsh.... I'm 87kg and wonder if it's normal for this to happen with doses, will i end up on full replacement dose? And if so what would that be?

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  • You, and your GP, should be aiming for a TSH of one or under. If my TSH goes above one I feel dreadful so a TSH of 1.8 would have me on the floor. My GP let my TSH go to 2.36 not so long ago and I felt worse that before I was diagnosed. I went back to her and demanded she increase my levo so that my TSH was under one "as that's the level I can just about function at". Don't forget the TSH range starts at 0.35 so to be one or under is fine and your GP should also be fine with this.

    If I were you I would take 100mcg's every day and see how you go.

    Have you had all your vitamins tested and if so are they all at optimum levels? (VitD, B12, Ferritin, Folates). If these are not o.k. then your levo wont be working to its full potential.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks,, doc is concerned ill go hyper on 100s each day..but has agreed to let me try alternates... Do most people end up increasing like this? Is it normal?

  • Yes its normal. With every increase your body will adjust and you need to increase until, as Shaws has said, your symptoms are gone. Its sounds easy but it can be very hard to fine the right level for you.

    As I said in my previous answer there are many factors that will increase or decrease the level at which your body absorbs the levo, such as vitamins, the time you take your levo, whether you are sticking to the no food or drink (except water) for two hours rule before or after you take your levo, even the time of year can effect your levo as some sufferers find that they need more levo during the winter months.

    What you need to start doing (if you don't already) is asking for copies of ALL your blood results so that you can keep a check yourself on what is going on and not just relying on the GP's interpretation of them. It is your right, by law, to have copies of your results so don't be afraid to ask.

    Bing low in VitD and B12 can mimic thyroid symptoms, as can low iron, so I would be asking my GP for these tests and again I would be asking for copies of these results. Then you can post your results on here for people to comment and give advise.

    Moggie x

  • Get a booklet from Amazon entitled Understanding Thyroid Disorders, read thoroughly and take to GP and point out that some need to have a very low or suppressed TSH. I haven't read this myself but have read an article by Dr Toft in Pulse online.


    A full replacement dose varies between everyone. The full replacement dose for you is one that removes all symptoms and makes you feel well. You may need the addition of T3 to do this.

  • I do actually have the book,, gathering dust on book shelf...ill get it out and have look... Thanks

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