Is aloe vera gel safe to take with Levothyroxine?

I have recently started drinking aloe vera gel and despite feeling improved on the gel I am now reading lots of contradictory stuff on the internet about whether it is actually safe to take with Levothyroxine, i.e. studies with rats have shown that drinking aloe vera gel decreases thyroid function. Can anyone advise please? I've emailed my thyroid specialist so will let you know what he thinks!

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  • This is a comment from the site

    Some health practitioners discourage the

    internal use of aloe vera in patients

    with hypothyroidism.


    Because this plant may interact with

    prescription drugs metabolized by the

    liver which means that it can inhibit

    the absorption of levothyroxine –

    and other medicines

  • So is Diogenes right about aloe vera interfering with the absorption of levothyroxine please? Just started taking it and will stop right away if this is true. Been feeling terrible lately and just had my levo increased by my GP, so I certainly dont want to hinder any improvements.

  • Yes it can as well as interfering elsewhere . See the link › Food and Drink

  • Kjm, I've deleted my reply. I wasn't aware of the information Diogenes posted.

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