Aloe gel and Levothyroxine

I really struggle with bloating, IBS symptoms and recently was told aloe gel would help, I asked my doctor if it would be ok to take with levothyroxine and she said I should 'Give it a go'. Bought it today and before I begin in the morning I thought I do another quick search just in case, the results on google (for the FIRST time) are all against the use of aloe gel. I currently take levothyroxine and Vit D (a rather high dose) and have been 'unwell' with the usual UA thyroid symptoms and a chest infection that won't budge since January. Had my levels checked a few times and apart from the Vit D everything was 'in range'.... Any advise?


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  • Are you gluten free currently? That can help reduce bloating a lot.

  • Have you considered SIBO?

  • I don't know what this means! ☹

  • Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth 😊

  • One of the very many entries in my abbreviations and acronyms document:

    :-) :-) :-)

  • Thank you. I shall take a look!


    Check out this link by Dr Amy Myers regarding sibo and hypothyroidism

  • WOW! A very interesting read. I have been GF for ten years and been on Levothyroxine for three. I've learnt more since posting this question than in all those years! Thank you.

  • I have been gluten free for 16 years. I was diagnosed celiac long before hypothyroid. I still have some major health issues, and my naturopath did a sibo test for me, alongwith others. The sibo test came back positive. It blew my mind because I dont feel that I have ibs symptoms. But I started doing alot more research on it. Best wishes to you! Either purchase Dr Amy Myers book or Isabella Wentz or both! They will help alot.

  • Do you have the actual results of those so called * in range * results ? Do you have Hashimotos ? There are T3 receptors in every cell of your body - the highest amount being in your brain and the second highest in your gut. So - if levels are low then simply there is not enough to go around .... 😊

  • Yes, Hashimotos. GF for ten years now

    T4 12.2 T3 0.93

  • Do you have Hashimoto's? High thyroid antibodies, if so then likely gluten free diet may help.

    Also get actual test results, being "in range" is not the same as optimal. Post them on here

    As you are on high dose vitamin D (how much?) then taking magnesium and vitamin K2 are recommended as well.

  • What Aloe Gel are you using and how much? There are vast differences.

  • WOW, thank you so much for all the replies. Yes, I am Gluten Free and have been for ten years, currently working on cutting out dairy and sugar. I have hashimotos but (like most of you I suspect) most of my knowledge on this (which is not much) has been from google. I don't know what SIBO is, I shall find my results and put them on and the gel is 'forever aloe gel, stabalized aloe gel'.

    Thank you

  • Sorry for the delay - yes that's the Aloe you need to be on, but make sure you are taking 120 mils a day every day, you should start feeling improvements with bloating and other gut issues after a few weeks, certainly after a couple of months - good luck!

  • Thank you.

  • And.... 4000 IUD of Vit D a day and I don't take anything else!

    If I have understood the reluctant scribble from my doctor correctly

    T4 12.2 and T3 0.93

    On reading some of your posts I realise I need more than this so first thing tomorrow I'll be booking an appointment...... Again! 😫

  • Ranges are also needed for the results. Is that the Total T3 ? - T4 looks very low .... Think you need a dose increase - how much are you taking ? Tests needed every 6/8 weeks so dose can be adjusted.

    Don't forget the co-factors for VitD mentioned above ....

  • I had misread the information I had been given. My latest results are

    T4 15.3

    TSH 0.69

    I obviously need to get a few more bloods taken to get the results needed. x

  • Still no ranges 😊😊

  • Ring receptionist and politely ask that you would like to pick up printed copies of your recent blood tests. Allow a day or so before going in (they have to get GP approval to release copies) but they are not allowed to refuse, under data protection, they are your tests.

    You need ideally to know B12, folate and ferritin as well as vitamin ranges

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