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Recommending Endocrinologists

We are all so different and am aware that people want recommendations of good Endo's. I remember what it was like, I saw four of them! I left so many consultations in tears.

The endo I last saw has helped as he keeps doctors happy when they panic over my suppressed tsh. I believe that we have worked well together because of my circumstances. He hasn't been as helpful to others and says unhelpful ridiculous comments too.

I couldn't recommend him because we are all different and I wouldn't be able to say that he would help you. I know that I called the shots. I made all of the decisions with doses and medication.

I wish I knew what to say to help. It could be useful for you to research the Endo you want to see, maybe even contact them. I remember I did this once and received a reply.

I wish there were more thyroid specialists, most Endo's specialise in diabetes.


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Hi Sue, This is very true. Glad you have found someone who helps you.



On the subject of endocrinologists I said to my GP there are now endocrinologists who prescribe a combo treatment of T4 and T3 or T3 only in this country, after the 3rd London endocrinology department I visited advised against using it for outdated reasons. He asked 'which endocrinologists' and I could not offer names off the top of my head. Would this list coincide with Louise's or should we draw up another one? Maybe I should turn this into a separate post.


But what will he do with the list of endocrinologists that prescribe T3 or NDT?

My Endo is one of these, however it is then for your GP to prescribe it which mine would NOT.

It doesn't mean that these particular Endo's will prescribe T3 or NDT for anyone, they are treating each individual person.

Frustratingly even though consultants usually guide GP's this is not the case with T3 it NDT as GP's can decide themselves.

My GP asked for evidence that NDT is better for me. I cannot even be bothered! I just hope that he or his wife has difficult hypothyroidism one day as we all know, bet they wouldn't take synthetic rubbish!

We have to be extremely careful discussing names of patients or doctors to our GP's, it's nothing to do with them.

After all no patient ever complained about Dr Skinner, it was fellow doctors who complained to the GMC 😔



Thanks for your reply Sue. My doctor defers to endocrinologists in every respect. He won't even increase the dose of levothyroxine let alone prescribe T3 without an endocrinologist giving the go-ahead. I take your point that we never know if complaints might be raised about doctors by colleagues. I was complaining to my GP about the hospital department he had referred me to and he knows all the endos working there anyway.


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