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Advice pls

iv only just been diagnosed last Wednesday.. Dr did my bloods and my levels were T4 34.5 and T3 10.83, I became quite poorly over the weekend and ended up in A&E with cardiac problems my heart was racing and I felt horrendous.. when the hospital did my bloods the results were T4 65 and T3 18.80 so in 4 days had practically doubled ..... can someone pls explain what all this means x

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Hi sushy

I am sorry you've been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and once diagnosed it does take some time to work up to a dose of thyroid hormones which make you feel much better.

I was like you in that I had reactions like you and was often in and out of A&E.

When you put up your blood test results it is helpful if you also put the ranges. The reason is that labs have different machines with different ranges and knowing the ranges makes it easier to comment.

The reason for the changes is most probably due to you now being on levothyroxine and it depends on the time of day you had the blood test and when you took levothyroxine which can skew results. I hope you settle down in a couple of weeks.

When you have a blood test at the surgery, make the appointment for the earliest and fast (you can drink water). Also leave about 24 hours approx between your last dose of levo and the blood test and take levo afterwards. You should always take levo on an empty stomach with a glass of water and don't eat for around 1 hour.

You have now to read and learn about your thyroid gland so that you can recover your health.


It looks to me as if sushy may have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism with T3 & T4 levels like that and cardiac problems. I think we need some more info


thank you yes i have hyper


Yes, HarryE you were right.


thank you im not on anything as yet . have just been prescribed carbimazole today but have to wait till tomorrow for chemist to have it in .and im hyper not hypo (sorry i should of said that )

the ranges are for T4 (11.0 - 22.0) and for T3 (3.1 -6.8)

many thanks


Hi shushy, the carbimazole should help significantly. Selenium may help as well. If the effects are worrisome they may put you on a beta blocker for a while to make you more comfortable. Propylthiouricil is another thyroid block used. Of course, stay away from all the stimulants like any caffeine drinks. Since cruciferous vegetables also have an antithyroid effect......


I should add that chemical and emotional stress are usually a big part of this condition and if that is the case, using stress reduction techniques that you like could be tried immediately. Check out binaural cds, EFT, tai chi, etc.


as soon as they put you on a beta blocker your hart will settle down and a lot of your other symptoms will settle down and you will feel much better. The carbimazole is a long process, it took me 6 months before it started to bring my levels down.


Welcome to the forum, Sushy.

You are very hyperthyroid. If you've been prescribed beta blockers they will slow your heart rate until the Carbimazole works.

It will take a few weeks for your thyroid hormone levels to respond to Carbimazole and you should have thyroid blood tests every 4-6 weeks so dose can be adjusted to make sure you are getting enough, and not too much which will make you hypothyroid. You will need to take Carbimazole for 9-18 months to regulate your thyroid production. After that you may have remission from hyperthyroidism although it is unlikely to permanent if you have Graves antibodies.

Hyperthyroid patients are usually referred to endocrinology for management and it is likely to take a few weeks before you get an appointment.

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