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T3 dose advice pls

Bloods back from yesterday.

FT3 4.3 (3.5-6.5)

FT3 3.8 on 13.11.17

I’m on T3 only and increased my dosage from 25mcg to 31.25mcg (1 and 1/4 tablet) nearly 5 weeks ago.

I’ve improved greatly but going by my bloods could still increase some more? Could I increase again to 37.5mcg a tablet and 1/2?

I’d much rather be at the top of my range as I feel a lot better then but would appreciate advice please?

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Miss FG,

Plenty of scope to increase dose. If you feel better with higher FT3 then increase dose by another 6.25mcg and retest in 6-8 weeks.


Thanks Clutter.

Potentially this may have been my last blood test by the NHS but I’m hoping they’ll still think I’m under my Endo and just refer me back to him if I can get away with periodic tests. And slide under the radar.

Back in July when I was on Unipharma 25mcg my FT3 was 5. I know I’ve switched so has caused some issues starting my dose again low and increasing. But seems strange that my FT3 is lower yet I’m on a higher dose of Mexican. Also I’ve increased by 6.25mcg and thought I’d see a higher increase in my FT3 than only 0.5? My Endo said not to increase back in November as he thought 6.25mcg could take me over range. Any ideas what could be happening?

I’m also now on immune suppressants so I’m hoping my thyroid will become stable on a slightly higher dose. I think I’m nearly there all being well!



No, I'm sorry I have no idea and neither has the endo if he thought another 6.25mcg T3 would send FT3 4.3 over range.

If you are discharged from your endocrinologist your GP will be informed that s/he is to take over monitoring and managing your thyroid. If your GP practice can't order FT3 you will need to order private thyroid tests after a dose adjustment to check levels.


He already has written to them & me. The GP who read it obviously just did not read it properly or understood the implications of the letter as I had another test yesterday. I then just received a text to contact my Endo so I rang my surgery as I only needed my FT3 result really so said I needed it to discuss with him.

I’ll go for another blood test in a few months see what happens.


I am on T3 only too. I am well with no clinical symptoms.

I shall give you a link which may be helpful.

Usually when we are on a dose and become symptomatic again, it usually means we need a small increase.



Thanks Shaws I’ll take a look. I said to my Endo I feel better without levothyroxine. I didn’t feel it helped and we agreed back in June just to remove the small dose I was on. And I don’t think it works for me or that my body needs it.

I just need to get my dose correct so I’m in the upper range of FT3.

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When we, finally, get to a dose and hormone which suits us it is such a tremendous difference. Endos wouldn't believe.

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Mine was quite forward thinking and said it’s disgusting and morally wrong we can’t get T3. He said if he could help me privately he would he can’t. He even asked if I had a beneficiary who could pay for my T3 in the UK so he could continue my care but on my dose it would be close to £450pm!

He explained there’s also just not enough recognised research in support of Hypothyroidism and the need did T3.

So although I had a good Endo I’m no further forward. Thank goodness for this forum!


Endocrinologists hands are tried as they have to follow the guidelines laid down.

One of our Researchers and his Team have been working very hard and these are a couple of links.





Are your on immunodepressants for Hashi or something else?

Have you been given that by your Endo? How did you manage to get them prescribed?

I'm asking for myself, I was trying to go this route but I hit walls with any doctor I see pretty much with anything I ask.

They don't understand what I'm talking about if I mention Hashi, high antibodies, immunodepressants, have no clue on medications NDT, t3 etc I ever mention.

My conversions with doctors feel like I'm asking 6 year old to explain about combustion engine build.


When I first saw my Endo he ran a lot of blood tests and was very thorough. I had a positive ANA and MI-2. So I was referred to rheumatology. I have since been diagnosed with Myosotis but still trying to find out if it’s Polymyositis or Inclusion Body Myosotis.

I was first put on mycophenolate in September but couldn’t tolerate it and I’m now in week3 of Azathioprine.

Endocrinologists don’t issue immune suppressants as far as I’m aware only rheumatologists. I find it strange how our immune system can attack your thyroid and they don’t suppress it but they do when it attacks other organs. I think they believe we can survive on medication without a functioning thyroid.

My immune system is attacking my lungs and muscles but my heart is at risk and I have regular checks on my liver and kidneys.

If you have one autoimmune disease then you have a high chance of developing others. If you believe you have other issues then ask your GP to refer you to rheumatology to investigate.

I had difficulty climbing stairs holding my arms up, muscle pain and spasms joint swelling and pain and chronic fatigue. And although on T3 I was still feeling very unwell. I was just very lucky I had a good Endo.


Ohhh... thanks for replying and pointers who to speak to. Much appreciated.

Am I correct thinking you're not far from London?


Your welcome!

I’m nr Sheffield


I've found when raising my dose that freeT3 doesn't necessarily rise when a T3 dose rises.

I've wondered if it's because I tend to increase my activity level with every dose and am using up the extra. Although in my case it's possible it's resistance to thyroid hormone. Although freeT4 and TSH have always changed as expected with each raise.


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