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I was advised a month or two ago that my last B12 was very normal so no worth investigating again.

Clutter advised me to find out the result so I've phoned them. That blood test was taken in 2013. Wouldn't it be worth redoing it?

My symptoms are very hypo-like but results are "within the ranges" so are classing me as normal.

Should I ask for another B12 test?

The B12 in 2013 was 478 I think (150-800)

Thanks for reading xx

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Minxy84, could be worth asking for B12 and folate to be retested. Hold off supplementing until you know whether GP will agree. If refused, supplement 1,000mcg methylcobalamin sublingual lozenges, spray or patches.


Do you know what the optimum B12 level is please?


Need to be at top of range but cannot overdose as excreted in urine.


Minxy, the PA Society says 1,000 is optimal.


Oh right, so even the 2013 result of 400 and something wasn't great.

I think it's worth retesting.

Thanks again for your help :) xx


Minxy, anything above 150 in your range is acceptable to NHS. 487 is probably 2- 5 years worth of B12 stored in your liver, so it isn't deficient, but it ain't optimal either.


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