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Costs seem to far more important than finding the right medication to suit a patient

Hi, it been a long time since I last commented and during all that time still non the wiser with my Dr. I know I have Hoshimoto, and like many, many people you learn to live with this illness. Unfortunately I have extra problems in that I react to meditation, allergic reaction which result in clammy and increase in heart rate. I am unable to tolerate many medications, from penicillin, pain relief, I have to be monitored under anaesthetic. Copping with pain and no pain relief has been a the hardest challenge with Hoshimoto and a lot of the time I spend isolating myself from my family, so I don't take my frustration out on them.

Each time I have been having blood tests I am being told all is fine, until recently I was fed up with feeling so tired, and in so much pain. I insisted on each figure reading of my T4, T3 and TSH, results are T4 - 11.4, T3 - 4.4 and TSH 9.49. I'm told my TSH is high, I cannot go any higher on legitimizing as affects my heart rate. Dr have tried this previously and tried by upping the dose and being put on beta blocks, could not tolerate the beta blocker and had to lower the dose bacK to 125mcg.

I've asked about natural designated thyroxine, but understand our Dr will not prescribe and there is a very high possibility I would react as I cannot tolerate meat. I have also been in contact with Thyroid UK and they have been very helpful in giving me a list of other medications that are 'free from' and might tolerate. I have taken this information back to my Dr, she said she would research and yet I have not heard anything, I've wanted a week.

I am not sure how worried should I be with my T4, T3 and TSH results. Could anyone explain what the reading should be, if any other person has had the same problem and how do they tolerate medication ! I will be thankful for any advice.

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Your TSH looks too high but without the ranges it is difficult for more expert folk to comment.if you are vegetarian you will not have any B12 and need to supplement together with Bcomplex.



Firstly I was diagnosed a coeliac over 30 years ago and also warned about intolerance to many additives preservatives, colourings etc

Like you I cannot tolerate many medicines offered to me and I also react badly to anaesthetics. I buy my own armour thyroid from America having first got a private prescription. It suits me fine and I have had no adverse reaction to it , not like levothyroxine which makes me ill. I take 90 mcg alternating with 105 mcg next day and have done so for over 4 years now. My TSH is around the 1.5 mark and if I keep it around this level I am for the most part relatively well.

If you require any further advice I suggest you contact thyroiduk and ask them if they are willing to pass my personal details to you having first shown them this reply. They won't let us give out our personal contact details in replies which is understandable as that can lead to unnecessary hastle from rogue contacts



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