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New - need advice

Hi All,

I was diagnosed as Hypothyroid about six weeks ago. I felt absolutely lousy and was told by my GP that I could have been comatose!

My results were

Serum Folate 7.5 ug/l 2.00 - 14.50

Vit B12 651ng/l 190 - 900

Serum Ferritin 5 ng/ml 10 - 291

Serum TSH 150 mU/l 0.35 - 5.50

Free T4 3.1 10.00 - 22.70

I am also on Vit D supplements from a previous blood test before this diagnosis.

I was prescribed 50mgs of Levothyroxine which I have been taking religiously for 6 weeks. I feel much better but in the last week or so feel I have plateaued or reached saturation point. I still have several symptoms (and some new ones). My GP wanted to test me again in October but I feel I should be tested now particularly as I am moving house and will need to register with new GP and start over at the beginning of September.

Is it reasonable to request this at this stage? Can I expect my current symptoms Carpal Tunnel, tiredness, sore throat, numbness etc to go away on an increased dose?


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You should have another increase now. I'd push hard for it. It is usual to get you quickly up to around 100 mcg unless you are elderly or have heart problems. Then reassess the situation after you have been on 100 mcg for a couple of months.

Your very high TSH and very low fT4 can be alarming but the impression I've got is that patients who have these 'bad' numbers usually do very well and recover. Those of us who have symptoms with more normal blood hormone levels usually have more difficult progress.

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Thank you, that's reassuring. My GP seems quite understanding, it's getting an appointment that's tricky. I will push as you advise as definitely feel I need an increase.


Perhaps your GP is being cautious. There used to be a slow and cautious approach but endocrinologists now tend to favour getting to around 100 mcg rapidly and then fine tuning. Maybe your doctor just needs some reassurance. If you offer to monitor your pulse that might help.


Will suggest that. Thank you.


You need to have a TSH of around 1 which is where most hypo folk feel better .This means having blood tests every 6-8 weeks with dose increases to achieve that end.

However, it may be you still will have some symptoms and the GP will not increase the dose once your TSH is what they consider low enough.


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