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Blood tests tomorrow

HI, I am due a massive series of bloods done at 11 am tomorrow, how do I go about my meds for Hashi's?

I self medicate with NDT and I am up to 4 grains per day. I take 2 in the morning, I about 4pm and 1 about 10pm.

Prior to this I was on 200mcg levo, and have improved dramatically in 1 month.

Being tested for Sjoegrens syndrome, Positive Schwimmers test. Lots of other things also.

Hope you can advise? Thanks xx

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Rgraham196, if thyroid function is being tested you should leave 24 hours between last dose and blood draw. If you're not sure, leave 24 hours anyway. If thyroid isn't being tested take your NDT as usual.


Thanks Clutter , sorry for delay in replying. I think thyroid getting done as well as others, although that may just be TSH

I will know tomorrow.

Regards Marguerita x


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