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b complex

I want to take a good B complex, fillar free and a natural as possible.

I was looking at Yourzooki

or Health Leads

lastly I heard a spray is better for absorption so was thinking of Sundown Naturals, Sublingual Liquid B Complex with B-12, 2 fl oz (59 ml)

Has anyone had any experience of these? wanted to get my RDA too.

Many thanks

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Vitamin Zook is definately not a good one. It contains the wrong B12, you won't absorb it.

The healthleads one doesn't contain enough B12 if you have a deficiency. Have you had your B12 teste?

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My last test earlier this year was B12 346 ng/I (180-914)

I went onto solgar methyclobalamin 1000 mcg for 2 months now what to manage it with just a complex. I just don't know which is the best


I thought the health leads looked low


I don't think you'll ever find a B complex with enough B12 for a maintenance dose. I think you will always need to take the B12 as well.


Is there some good brands ?


I am in the UK


Definitely not the Zooki.

This is the one I use, no unnecessary ingredients

Serving size is 2 capsules so double the amount of ingredients shown on the label.

Long term B6 above 10mg can cause problems with the nervous system, there is 40mg in the Healthleads product which is why I don't use that one.


PS they also do a liquid version but I wasn't overkeen on the taste


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