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Elevated liver blood tests

Hey all. So I had a blood tests done week to check B12, Ferritin, full blood count, errr......Just say I had a few but can't remember all.

Spoke to nurse today who said my B12 is 340ish (low but gone up from 240)m ferrtin was fine, thyroid anti bodies has gone up to 113 from 54 but the one I'm surprised at is my liver. I don't know what tests excatly but they were elevated so spoke to doctor and he said he doesn' t know why or what's going. Got to have bloods again in two weeks and take from there. My breathing has been getting worse (breathless sturggle for air, tightish chest) last few days and one night I had tingling all over my body that lasted a long time.

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Ferritin was fine means zilch

You need to get the actual results of all the tests done inc ref ranges

Then we have a chance to help

Raised liver function tests and low ferritin ,folate,b12,vit d3 all run hand in hand with hypothyroid

You have thyroid antibodies so you need treatment


Vitamin D was low on 38 but hospital put me on 50,000 IU for 3 days then once a month for a year and I'm on supplelmets for B12. I've been on treatment for 8ish moments and bar a week or two of feeling good when first started I've been feeling crap and getting steadly worse. Slowly got up to 100 but then dropped to 75 because of palpations/panic attacks which actualy made things worse and now keep getting cycles of panic attacks, then periods of none then start up again out of the blue.


I have m.e as well as hypothyroid and since hitting the m.e wall my liver alt started to rise and rise and doubled and a ultrasound showed I now have a fatty liver. This is not diet related, my liver is laying down fat rather like my whole body rather than creating energy with my food. I wish I knew why and how to stop it.

Tingling all over is also one of my m.e symptoms.

If you got racy heart when increased thyroid meds then have you had saliva cortisol test done privately? If not then you need to. You don't want to push yourself over the edge like me from where it seems after four years and trying everything I can - and when I say everything I mean it - I can't seem to make a recovery and am house and bed bound.

The most important thing is not to panic and try not to worry at your symptoms, but take steps to address them.

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Hello sulamaye, I have recently read an article in the magazine What Doctors Don't Tell You explaining that fructose is highly lipogenic, meaning it quickly and easily turns into fat and much of that fructose -generated fat is stored in the liver, causing a condition called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The article claims that fructose is okay only when it's in whole fruits and vegetables, but I'm aware other authors would dispute that and recommend to limit also the quantity of fruits in the diet......I don't know if this resonates with you


Glad you had the bloods done. Your B12 is way below optimal (800) so you need to carry on supplementing.

Thyroid antibodies increasing - I assume you have Hashimoto's then & lots of people get some comfort from going gluten free.

I assume your TSH is greater than 2, sometimes liver becomes congested and cannot clear toxins effectively if the thyroid is under functioning, given your comments about air hunger you sound quite hypothyroid. (Although I am not a trained medic !)

Try not to worry.


Yep looks like it's Hashimotos :(

I've got to have another blood test next weel to check thyroid though only free T4 and THS. Last bloods over month ago showed my TSH 0.12 and both Free T4 and Free T3 right near the top and because of panic attaked we decreasex the dose to 75. Attacks actually got worse since lowering. I would be surprised if they are still the same because this air hunger has only bee happening last week or two (i reallu dont remember but it is recent)

I' have been trying to cut out gluten and did for bit but always slip up. i'm actually wondering if cutting out gluten increased anti bodies. Last anti bodies test was months ago and was only at 54 with range being 0.00 - 50.


I've been emailing a nutritionist who's recommend me a proper morning, lunch and dinner diet/gluten free food list (eat lot of meat anyway but really need to work on vegetables) and vegetables plus recommended supplements like Cod Liver Oil liquid form (recently started taking capsules) sliplery elm powder and Olive leaf extract.

Got another question - for months sides of my kneck have been swollen (going up and down) and i can feel my right lymph node wheres i can't on left. I've been having pains and weird feelingd come and go on both sides but whwn i saw endo few weeks back he didn't seem concerned but, why can i feel my right lymph node (swollen) but not the left?


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