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Highly recommend hemp with miss integretea scottish herbal tea and dandelion and hawthorn leaves tea for thyroiditis or any inflammation!

Just had an inflamed throat and flu like symptoms...I suspect it's early signs of thyroiditis everytime I swallow it's like rusty burning scratchy done some experimenting and found that if I take some hemp with miss integretea scottish tea and dandelion and hawthorn tea with my gluten free breakfast consisting of boiled bacon and slightly out of date eggs and have them poached with some beans and gluten free soya free millet free brown bread toast with alpina mini feta cheese cubes and drinking home made fruit pectin with hot water and fruit. The inflammation goes away! Could this be another scottish remedie or cure? Ho Ho ho ho!

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My answer to that symptom is cut a clove of fresh garlic in half squeeze it flat, when the juices start appearing rub it on the outside of your neck by the Adam's apple - it helped me, also inside my cheek when I developed a blood boil so sad earlier than that. Another Scottish remedy - from my dad donkeys years ago - it works well on warts also!

I know a few more Scottish remedies but not for this page at this time! hope the throat clears up.


Haha keep them coming do share!


Not without the water of life!


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