ok so I win slimmer of the month on tuesday and two days later i gain a stone...wtf?

I have hypothyroidism and I have just put on quarter of a stone!

I got my award for slimmer of the month at slimming world and decided to have pickled herring lots of fruit and vegetables and two glasses of bacardi rum with water with orange juice squeezed from my hands just to celebrate!

the next day I thought I would have a treat so I made some gluten free porridge oats with honey. decided to make some cooked rhubarb with left over Bottom of the jar honey and one teach spoon of brown sugar then I had fruit 6 gluten free toasts half a litre of semi skimmed milk fat free yoghurt more fruit fried eggs bacon and vegetables fried in fry light spray which is one calorie and recommended by slimming world!

the following day I decided to eat tons of vegetables and have some wild boar sausage meat with zero noodles that help with weight loss that I got from holland and barrat and fried them with with vegetables with my fry light oil and decided to add in two table spoons of pasta sauce and wild board sausage meat.

then tons more fruit!

and now I am quarter of a stone heavier for two days now. I am thinking but I have been eating stuff like this and drinking small amounts of bacardi and eating sweets whilst banging up the fruits and lost weight and got my one stone reward I mean hello? what the hell?

so need some help and advice on shifting that half a stone this week!

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  • I go to slimming world and have to be so strict. I can only have 4 syns otherwise I gain weight. I am coeliac but if I accidentally have gluten I gain loads. The most I have gained is 1 stone in a week 😪 I have only been on levothyroxine for 3 weeks and have lost each week. It has only been a pound but better than all the gains I have had. X

  • just wondering if it's that or I am due my period and I have started bloating? I have been doing great with my diet and I have been drinking low calorie alcohol like bacardi rum chocolate sweets you name it I have been eating like a horse and I lost lots of weight!....just angry that I gained weight......

  • It could be water retention if you are due on. Maybe worth keeping a record of your star weeks in your book and see if a pattern emerges. Before all my problems started I lost 5 stone but regularly every 4 weeks I would maintain or gain 0.5lbs. It was gaining loads of weight while dieting that first made me think something was very wrong with me x

  • yeah something is not right! any ideas to get rid water retention and lose that extra bit of weight too?

  • They say if you put weight on overnight or fluctuates its water weight so dont panick yet and also is your period due, bloody periods...no pun intended lol! Well done on the weight loss, I'm sure it will settle back! X

  • my periods are very irregular

  • Is your thyroid very well treated too?

  • it's still needing corrected as I still have symptoms! however my t3 has been reduced from 90 to 85 mg.

  • Maybe this is why......water retention etc cos your not optimally treated for you x

  • Don't know about the water retention. To boost weight loss try a few SP days and see how that goes x

  • What is an SP day?

  • Wow, that's a lot of carbs!

    Alcohol and sugar (even lots of fruit) is very hard on the liver. Frying in veg oil is also not a good thing health-wise (except olive oil or coconut oil). Hypo people don't metabolize like everyone else and often dieting actually makes you fatter by slowing your metabolism down even more. Getting meds right should help. To make it worse, exercise deplete T3, which ... makes you fatter.

  • well I fry with fry light 1 cal spray so when you fry the alcohol burns the fat and that is what it has and I use olive oil version. bacardi is very low in calories compared to beer and cider! it's mental! so is pimms...pimms has the lowest calories out of all the alcoholic drinks!

  • If all calories were created equal, that might make sense, but they aren't. Nutrition is what is important and alcohol rates about a zero (apart from some wine for resvesterol etc). Good fats are necessary to make hormones - that means saturated fats. Also omega 3s, but they should not be heated. safe to heat = butter, lard, olive oil, coconut oil. many hypo people are sensitive to processed grains, so often avoiding pasta, bread etc helps.

    if dieting really worked, there would be no new diet books and slimming clubs would go out of business.

    The only people who can really get away with eating a lot of carbs without damaging their health are really active people - wrestlers, weight lifters etc. It all gets turned into fat by the liver anyway, according to Dr Malcolm Kendrick's blog.

    If calories worked the way we are told they do, an average woman could kill herself quite easily by reducing intake by 500 kcals a day for a year - doesn't happen.

  • wine has a lot of calories and I don't take 500 calories per day! you got a point about the slimming clubs and I just found I got my period so that explains the bloating!

  • good wee tips love thank you

  • I suddenly put on nearly half a stone in less than a week for no good reason and cant get rid of it. If I eat it gets worse! I retain fluid and the GP put me on diuretics again - which has helped because I can finish up the day looking 6 months pregnant with even my loosest clothes not fitting me, and feeling very uncomfortable. But it's not helped the underlying weighg gain which is getting crazy. I am only able to wear my very oldest clothes, which I had before I started on levothyroxine, and cant afford to buy more. i have gone back to how I was before I was on thyroxine but the GP wont do anything brcause I am "testing within normal parameters". I have never tested below "normal" and yet was symptomatic for years. It took me 10 miserable years to get treated and now it seems to be going back to how it used to be. I am exhausted all the time, my skin is dry, flaking and itchy, my eyelashes and eyebrows are falling out, my nails a brittle, peeling and splitting and I am chronically constipated and irritable. my husband says I am paranoid. if it goes on much longer it will threaten our marriage. How can I get help?

  • oh dear so sorry to hear! try and get pig thyroid and join a massive long que!

  • as for relationships i know how you feel....no one will really understand you love not even the boyfriend and you need some you time!

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