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BBC2 - Horizon tonight. Are Healthchecks necessary?

May or not have relevance to all any of us here and now, but given treatment for One condition seems often to lead to other new ones, that I am now diagnosed with, after being put on so Many different meds by docs in last 21 months, I say YES they are! thats why I now do my own research though Health Unlocked, Cos docs here cant tell me what or why, and Im here in France, but so wish I was back in UK at Times!

just chose TOPIC Title as latest from blood test Results was Hashimotos, have yet another MRI coming up next month before 3rd appt in a year with Endo / liver specialist. Only positive thing ive been told over last 21 months is I dont have Cancer.

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Thanks for posting the link, Sambs.

Being told you don't have cancer is very positive, however, being told what you don't have isn't as good as a diagnosis for what you do have :( I hope the tests you are having will help diagnose whatever is wrong.


Thanks Clutter, I'm getting there slowly, thanks to everything I find out on here which leads to my other independent searches. I just hope I'm not going to be too late to convinced the docs over here's!


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