Strange feeling in chest

Sorry this is a bit nebulous!!! At times I get a weird feeling in my chest..breathing is almost feels like an allergy..I don't have hay fever or makes me cough just a little. It comes and goes..there doesn't seem to be a reason, apart from having been at work today and I have it usually after exertion but not always. So sorry it's hard to describe but it's a bit unnerving. Am wondering if the connection is still being on low upping NDT gradually or an adrenal connection? It usually settles and just goes away but when I have it it's quite heart rate is fine. thank you.

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  • Have you ever been asthmatic? Maybe as a child?

  • Hi no...I was wondering asthma myself..I am seeing a doctor at the end of the month so will add this to the list!!! Apparently being hypothyroid is often linked!! I presume you can develop asthma even if you have never had it before?

  • From my experience -

    (a) don't tell them you have a pain in your chest (unless you would describe it as a pain) - you haven't used "pain" in your post but do not be prompted into agreeing that that is what it is

    (b) if they ask you to put the discomfort (if that is what it is) on a scale from 0-10 , don't go above 1 unless it is actually painful

  • Thanks knotty!!! I definitely have no pain and I can't describe it as a discomfort just more of a odd sensation!! Thanks for the advice though!!! ☺️

  • Might be a good idea to ask for your B12 levels to be checked? They can often be low and cause all kinds of strange symptoms if they are. I had a cough and was diagnosed with asthma although I'd never had it before in 62 years. MariLiz

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