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Dr P adrenal protocol

Could any of you lovely people please help by posting (or PM'ing) Dr P's adrenal protocol? I'm sure I read this protocol in detail somewhere on the forum but can't find it now - the day I decided to stop the levothyroxine in order to start the protocol... My brain is a mess and no matter how hard I try I cant find the details. (I also copied them from a book ages ago but cant find that... I've got the nutri adrenal/nutri thryroid and other supplements but cant remember when to take what and how long to wait before starting them/restarting the thyroxine. Thank you!

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Was it this one, Evo?


Ah wait - try this: :-D


Thanks for trying Jazzw. Although it's similar that's not what I was looking for (That one talks about T3 and uses NAX whereas the protocol I'm looking for uses Nutri Adrenal and Nutri Thyroid and you stop Levothyroxine for something like 7 - 10 days. I'll just have to keep looking....


I have just started this program with Dr P.

1. Stop T4 for 7 days.

2. Start NAX x half tablet on day 8, increasing upto 4 over a period of 4 weeks.

3. Start small dose of T4 & NT on day 10. Increase (double?) both after 1 week.

Remember to take temp & pulse very am & pm.

And good luck Evo1. Keep me posted as how you are doing coz I'm struggling and am only on day 12.



Oh sorry...just realised this was posted a month ago.

How are you doing Evo1?


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