Nomadic on NDT and more entwined shaggy dog tales

Life has been trundling on, my middle aged lady's hormones have been revving up and causing flares but more manageable with all the supplements and NDT. I took a train to London for some medical appointments, and got winked at, on the way, twice. I was asked by one of my teenagers about whether I was becoming a cougar, actually I thought a cougar normally elicits that behaviour not receives it. I know a 'winker' when I see one etc etc. The trip was test of tempers cougar or not.

Having bought my tickets for the train, in advance, but apparently too late in advance, I was of course asked to collect them from the station, no not from a person from a machine. Having galloped down the hill in my town, towing a suitcase on wheels with trailing teen, the machine of course had an out of order notice on it. Got on the first train and managed to convince the conductor that I was not a candidate for Crime Stoppers. On to the next train, (having had to argue my way through the ticket barriers and back in order to use another machine) - which was easier said than done. Bang went my booked seats at a table and in fact any seat at all. The next train I was forced to take, (due to real train having been cancelled), stopped at every blade of grass and made me late the other end. Never mind onto the tube and off to accept the kind hospitality of my friend Dithers, who was as usual putting me up for the night. She was away, so had left the keys in the local shop in the square where we used to live years ago.

On arrival in a painfully trendy deli/street cafe. I asked an over smiley but uncommunicative young woman for the keys, English not being her first language. She looked blankly at me, perhaps it was my purple tinged expression, which had been brought on by the humid temperatures combined with Central London rush hour, and also my urgent need to spend a penny. She said 'no keys today' - I knew otherwise and insisted she look, she limply looked about the place and then the phone rang. This call made the shop assistant very very excited, she announced 'keys' and handed me the phone. I then had a very animated and bizarre conversation with an equally irate woman who had phoned about her own keys and how she would be sending somebody to collect them, nothing to do with my keys. Finally a man with shaven head and goatee beard tendency appeared from nowhere and said my keys were in the till. My daughter and I then marched or rather lurched towards Dither's flat, at which point I had several rounds of door fuss with a recalcitrant lock, two of them.

Once inside all was very nice and we had a good old rest before our joint medical appointments the next morning. Normally I see lots of people when I land in London, but everybody including Dithers was away. The doctor I saw for my conditions noted how much better I look, noticed the hair growth and eyebrows and also weight loss and is aware that I have new medication!

I did miss seeing my best friend Dither's, who has been overly busy at work and when not there continued with her bodice ripping drama. I do get telephone whispering segments off her which make my telephone glow red, and at that moment time she had been spirited away to France to be further embroiled in a steamy passionate French adventure verging I might add on scandal.

Normally her man pops around to her flat in London,and I can tell when he has been around by the large amount of fine wine lying about the place. My husband has also made the same mental notes. We all enjoy drinking it but it has run out now since my last visit, so she really needs to see him more than twice a week, I also noticed the silken underwear draped to dry over the backs of chairs and other such clues.

The rest of my summer has unfolded at quite a pace, on well days I try and tend my garden when not working, and I have met lots of neighbours who have been astounded at my rather over the top flowers, giant purple alliums and huge poppies, they might be even more startled when they come across my soon to be submerged giant tractor wheels later in the season, they will be planted up with giant blue delphiniums, red hot pokers, lupins and other spire like plants. Also I have decided to get my friends around to help me build my husband a straw bale office in the garden. It will be mainly from upcycled items, including little side windows which will be old washing machine doors. like little portholes. I have an elaborate design and luckily he likes it, also the price tag which compared to buying a summer house or ready made office is zilch.

I am now deep in Bulgaria sweltering in the heat, we have worked out quite nicely that we can run our business from abroad so can take the odd break away, our first ever for longer than two nights with no children. Our friend Hairy Legs has moved in at home to play music and be a very very wicked uncle for a week and hang with my youngest teen, and my other one has escaped up to Scotland to have fun. This a contrast to last week, when we took everybody plus their friends, also neighbours and our own mates to rather a wild music and dance camp. It started as a complete monsoon and quagmire and our folding caravan and tent arrangements were tested to the max, we withstood the lashing gales and this was helped by red wine and also gin and tonics and my vast food supplies, the front awning of our caravan also acting as a laundry room for all the sodden things. The end of our bed leaked but I responded by filling it with hot water bottles. The ten hot water bottles I pack which drive him made, came into their own, as I issued them to many people....

We played wild music all week and I got to perform again, as thanks to NDT I can now hold my arms up and play my violin again. I particularly enjoy camping in a large group and the challenge of cooking for 45 people with all my best open fire recipes. Lots of garlic bread cooked in the embers and also garlic potatoes. A friend of ours turned up with a giant horse box. With the horses gone from the back, and replaced instead with twin beds for her elderly relatives, who enjoy life to the full and want to party on down and not miss a trick. My husband did dreadful things like go the sauna and hot tubs and come back wearing the wrong underpants. I point blank refused to share my bed until he had flung them on the fire and taken a shower, all sorts of claggy horrors were running rife in my imagination. He also lost more pairs of designer glasses, an accordion, a mandolin and several whistles. I did find them all but they were literally littered over the site for miles. I think I might get him electronically tagged for ease of me finding stuff in the future. Lots of small children camped with us and I loved them. I realize that I want one of those Mary Poppins style bags, so I can produce things of interest. I did fairly well with exotic colouring books, marsh mallows, with wooden skewers and my mate with the horse box kept producing cake after cake piled with strawberries and cream. Not that I ate them, as I am still strictly gluten free. I did however have a holiday crispy frenzy late around the fire at night. I averaged 2 am bedtimes most nights and then slept the sleep of the wicked complete with silicone ear plugs.

Once home I rescued my tatty veg garden and got through 12 loads of boring washing before departing to Bulgaria. Flying with my husband produces bickering about airport times, I like to be early, he likes to be late, we have actually missed flights previously! He recently flew to a conference in Berlin, and only just got the flight out there due to time delays on his behalf and on the way back forgot he was supposed to board the plane due to being engrossed in an academic journal. This time we were very on time, but it did feel most strange to not have bickering children in the back, we miss them terribly, however the rest from home life and responsibilities is great. My Bulgarian is totally dreadful, pigeon in fact, but still understood. I can order food and drinks and other basic necessities but with no tenses involved.

Tomorrow is a new day and I hope to be less tired and find lots of interesting things to do in a village where virtually nothing ever happens.

Wishing everybody summer fun.


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  • Have a lovely mischief time in Bulgaria. X

  • Yes, currently in bed with a fan on reading, but yes mischief is planned! MaryF

  • Wow that NDT is working great, I'm worn out just reading your tales! If you can manage to do all that there's hope for us all ;-)

    Have a great holiday!

  • Thank you, I am lying in bed currently, two hours ahead in Bulgaria, listening to exotic birds in the garden, now the rather savage mosquitoes have departed for the morning. MaryF

  • Really enjoyed your holiday tales Mary, thank you for making me smile and cheering me up early Sunday morning...

  • Holiday vibes to you up there! MaryF xx

  • Good morning Mary F

    Hope your having a fabulous holiday , I really enjoyed reading about your adventures it was like being engrossed in a happy novel, I think you should be saving them all and publishing them.

  • TUK say they are going to, to raise money for vital things. If they do not, I shall, and thanks for nice feedback about my endless witterings.... x MaryF

  • Have fun Mary. Now tagging, that sounds like a good idea, do let me know I can get one from lol

  • Yes.... or a ball and chain, mind you that would get in the way of us having fun, as I have never ever been bored with my husband, I am very lucky indeed, his sense of fun is second to none. MaryF

  • Should have said WHERE

  • xx MaryF

  • great to hear yet another ' good'un' from you again ....... I will hazard a bet that the village wont be forgetting you none to soon though --- and there will be a few smiles on faces for a while to come --- just think that while your in the sunshine you wont have to take the vit.d meds [ every cloud and all that ] ......have a great time and enjoy yourselves , look forward to the next instalment ......alan xx

  • The are still getting used to our first visit ten years ago, my husband stood on one leg and flapped his arms like wings, making an extreme squawking noise to indicate his need to purchase eggs! MaryF

  • good to hear you've returned for the second episode for them ..... if 'hubby' goes for eggs again make sure that you've got it recorded ----- it could go viral ---- all for the sake of a butty ....!!!!!...alanxxx

  • Yes!


  • sorry but I don't believe you ------ no flapping arms[wings] ----and I would hazard a guess that hubby's hair and beak aint like that ===== to go viral you've got to have the genuine article ......I await with trepidation a proper vid .....alan xx

  • xx MaryF x the sun has gone over the yard arm and I must investigate the local bar immediately....

  • Goodness me what an exciting post!!! I love this blog..please keep it up!! Was.very amusing to read your exploits and travel tales...please consider writing a book if you haven't already done so!!

  • TUK say they are making my blog into a book, have been writing them on here for years..... and thanks for the lovely feedback. MaryF

  • That's great to hear!! I hope they tell us when the book is out!! It makes a refreshing change to read something so positive..clearly you are doing well on NDT and supplements which is encouraging for those of us starting out..I have been on levo 11 years and now on NDT (3 weeks) so a newbie....I am gutted that I have missed all your previous blogs though!! 😭😭😭😭 I will just have to be patient t and wait for the book!! You are a very talented writer plus you include food in your blog which is always if interest to me 😉

  • Gobble, munch, chomp etc. MaryFx

  • Sesbo, if you click on MaryF's name it will take you to her past posts. All are amusing.

  • Please apply rubber pants etc. MaryF x

  • MaryF

    Thanks for your new and amusing post. They've been missed but am happy that NDT is working for you now.

    Best wishes to you and your family plus friends.

  • Well thank you and love to you. MaryF x

  • Enjoyed as I sipped my tea. Dogs even stopped and listened to he chicken squawking...thanks so much for the jolt of life tales. Have a terrific day and cougar on!


  • I think I might ignore that 'cougar' ahem cough etc. MaryF x

  • Thanks for your story they really brighten the day. Have you thought of writing a book of your adventures ,i think it would be a best seller.Have a nice holiday.

  • Well thank you . MaryF x

  • Wishing you a very happy summer too Mary. xxx

  • Thank you, love to you both. MaryFx

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