Ferrous fumerate too harsh on stomach. Any other recommended supplements that I can buy to increase ferritin?

Hi all.

My ferritin levels are quite low (23) and being hypo thyroid I would like to improve them.

I was given ferrous fumerate by my GP but it's so harsh on my stomach that I was thinking of buying a more gentle supplement

Any recommendations?



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  • Carley, iron bisglycinate is supposed to be gentle with good iron content. You might find the Cambodian iron fish helpful too healthunlocked.com/thyroidu....

  • Hi Carley

    I used Spa Tone to drag my ferritin up. It is gentle although quite mild. Initially I used two sachets per day to help. You can get at Holland & Barratt

  • I've also seen it for sale at my local big Tesco, although it was a while ago now. I'm not sure, but I'd guess Tesco may be cheaper than H&B if they are still selling it.

  • I have very low ferratin and would like to know if I should take an iron supplement? Is this the best way to improve ferratin levels? Is ferratin the same as iron? A bit confused! Thanks

  • Yeah I believe iron is the ferritin, the folate is folic acid and then b12, all coincide together. I've been low on iron since the birth of my little girl last year after a big bleed. So my ferritin is low. The doctors will help you and give ferrous fumerate or sulphate, but it's quite harsh on the tummy.

  • I suggest looking for ferritin and/or haem (also spelled heme) iron supplements. Available online - e.g. iherb.com or Amazon. They should not be harsh.

  • A moderator on the NTH yahoo website here in the US has said that she has had good luck with taking 1 tablespoon of black strap molasses with each meal. Also, there has been recent conversation about lactoferrin helping one absorb and hang onto their iron. Both are pretty benign and might be work trying. As always, do your research and homework.

  • sorry.. 'might be *worth (not work) trying'. Sure wish we had an 'edit' feature...lol.

  • Hi phoenix, we can usually decipher those little typos. There is the edit feature in the little box with the down arrow. Just choose edit and you can retype or add anything to your post and then resubmit your post....all nice and changed.

  • Gosh, Heloise ... thank you for the head's up on editing. So helpful. My fingers are sometimes faster than my brain...lol

  • Spa tone sachets... You can buy at chemists or in supermarkets as well as Amazon. Slow going but it doesn't upset the stomach. The apple flavoured ones are the easiest cause you can just drink it out of the sachet.


  • I persevered with Ferrous fumarate even though it made me feel sick to start with. I took it with food instead and gradually it got better. I found that none of: cooking in iron pans, Spatone, Floradix, molasses made any difference to my ferritin levels. Iron biglycinate might be better for you, but I haven't tried it. One box of Ferrous Fumarate seems to raise my ferritin by about 10-12, so its a long haul.

  • Carley, go back to GP and tell him that one doesn't suit you, he can prescribe a different one.

  • Spatone is great and gentle as is iron bisglycinate.x

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