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HC prescription based on saliva test?

Hi All,

I did a cortisol saliva test in 2013, all were in range but far from optimal (I read that on STTM). I feel worse and endo sent me for an ACTH stimulation test, waiting for result. If that will be normal, I would redo the saliva test as something is surely not right (in 2013 noon cortisol was only 3.2 – range: 1.2-17.8 nM. And that’s when I feel the worst) Wondering if an endo would prescribe hydrocortisone if blood test are ok but saliva cortisol is low or just a bit over the lower range?

If you have any experience with this, will you please share.

Thank you.

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Starlight, I don't think NHS uses saliva cortisol testing so doctors may not be trained to interpret the results and act upon them and will rely on serum or ACTH. You could show your 2013 results to your endo and see what s/he says about them.


Sure I will try. Interesting, it didn't even cross my mind that they may not be trained to interpret the results. But most likely that's the case - if they're not up-to-date about thyroid treatment options, why would they be about adrenal fatigue.


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