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Borderline hyper, should I start meds? Scared :(

Hi all. My bloods keep coming back as borderline hyperthyroid. The TSH is <0.01 and T3 near top of range. I'm having symptoms and my GP is talking about starting meds while I wait to see the endocrinologist. I'm worried that starting meds without knowing the cause could maybe do more harm? What if it's only temporary, could taking the meds hurt my thyroid more? Feel a bit lost.... Thanks in advance for any advice...

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Flipflop, Antithyroid treatment won't cause harm. Most hyperthyroidism is caused by autoimmune Graves disease and your GP or endo will test for antibodies to confirm or rule out Graves. Sometimes it is idiopathic ie no known reason.

Carbimazole will lower FT4 and FT3 and eventually TSH will rise. Most hyperthyroid patients will be prescribed Carbimazole for 6-18 months to stabilise thyroid levels and then taken off it to see whether they have remission. Remission is unlikely to be permanent if you have positive Graves Disease antibodies.

You should have 4-6 weekly thyroid blood tests when you are taking Carbimazole as dose will need to be titrated to avoid undermedication which will leave you hyper and, to avoid overmedication which will make you hypothyroid (TSH high, FT4 and FT3 low).




Thanks Clutter, I feel a bit better now. My gp didn't explain anything so that helped a lot x


What symptoms are you having?

Make sure you are not on too high a dose of medication, for too long (before you see Endo) as you may end up hypo.

You definitely need to have your antibodies tested to see if it is Graves.


Hi Silver_Fairy

It feels like the thermostat is broken. Too hot, flushing, heart being weird, itching and rashes, stomach pains after I eat and going to the loo more.

I also have rib pains and I'm more sensitive to the sun, is that part of it?

I'm just waiting on the results of the antibodies x


If you have symptoms, you have to start meds. I was diagnosed with Graves 3 years ago then got cured very fast - 8 months of treatment only, I even got rid of my Graves as my antibodies became negative.

But I relapsed last month and started to take meds when the first symptoms appeared. The waiting list to see an endocrinologist is long so GPs are used to give meds at the right time. I almost never saw the endocrinologist: my GP adjusted my dose over the first 3 months and then kept it constant for 5 months.


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