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Eyesight with Hyper SCARED :-(

Diagnosed with Graves 6months ago, no visible TED.

Before diagnosis realised one eye (left) going blurry... Friends family laughed and said "you're getting old!", which I agreed with! I'm almost 44... So expected some change with vision since siblings all wear glasses.

Fast forward... Over the months I have had flashes and a black blob or two appear in left eye... I stupidly ignored as I was dealing with Graves etc...

Day before yesterday when eyes felt 'blotchy'... I tested my left eye on its own, to be horrified to discover,big patches of blurriness, dimmed colour and a grey patch of missing vision. Went to emergency...

No retinal detachment or tears, but have been referred for more tests...

Obviously petrified now... Dr google showing, tumours, pituitary tumours (which can also cause Hyper), Macuar Degeneration (at 44???), and host of other horrible stuff... Any one have any insight (no pun intended), or advice??

Can Graves do this? Even though no TED?

Appreciate any help <3

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Sorry to hear this. Vision issues can be scary. I'm sure you're already aware but googling can be a catalyst for all kinds of worries so if you're been referred for more testing maybe the best thing to do is try to relax as much as you can and wait for the tests to take place. What you're not seeing on google is the normal age-related stuff which is just as likely to be the cause of the problems.

I was referred for TED tests because of raised pressure in one eye, blurry vision and extreme sensitivity (my eyes were often red and burning) along w high antibodies and I ended up w about a year of hospital visits and they found nothing.

Sorry, I know 'don't worry' is not very helpful.

Do you know if you're well-treated for your Graves'?

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My eyes started getting floaters (black specks) in them a few months after being changed to Mercury Pharma Levo. I eventually stopped this Levo and the floaters have not got any worse. Since then I have a slow growing Cataract which appears to improve all the while I keep taking various vitamins that I am short of. Although I had/have Graves, my eyes were not affected by TED.

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Yes my eyes were not affected by TED either, though this must be something else as my left eye is super blurry with a grey patch appearing if I stare long enough :-( super scary... And I can't much link to Graves with it... Thank you for your reply x


I had a problem too and my sister! She describes it as trying to look through a heat haze! It could simply be glaucoma which is linked to hypothyroid.


Thanks for reply... That's interesting... Though I was tested for glaucoma and fine with it. I'm just hoping it's nothing serious, it's very scary :-(

Left eye very blurry, shadows and haze... How is your sister now? Did she have graves?


She is ok but she still insists on taking her meds for panic attacks which (as I told her) interfere with her thyroxine. She is on Armour but its the anti -depressants that will stop her getting well.


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