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High T3 levels

Im sorry if Im going on about this but I have had some further advice from the blood testing department who do say that atenolol definitely blocks the absorbtion of T3 or the conversion of T4 to T3. However as I only take T3 Im now thinking that the high T3 level is because its just sitting there and not being absorbed by the body?

Is that the right way to understand this ie that Im taking T3, its not being absorbed and then showing higher in the blood levels? Is that how it works?


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Numberone1, How much T3 do you take? High dose T3 would account for high FT3 but not TSH >2.0. Low FT4 is normal when on T3 only.



I take about 60mcg of T3, no T4 (I couldn't convert it).

Are you also suggesting that the TSH figure should be lower?

How does that work if I can't take more T3 because of the high level already. If I reduce it, surely by TSH would increase to more.



Susan, I would have suggested reducing T3 dose to lower FT3 but it may mean TSH rises. Read this link If you feel overmedicated it may be worth reducing dose to see how you feel.


The thing is, I don;t feel overmedicated. Im not losing any weight still, in fact its increasing, my joint pains are still bad. Im in a lose lose situtation I think.


Numberone1, It's easy to be overmedicated without feeling it. Been there. I really don't know what to suggest.


I think I obviously need to cut back. My symptoms of depression could very well be a sign of overmedication because I am getting more depressed actually. Thank you again. What happened while you were over medicated and didn't know it.


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