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Test Results

These are my results from my DIY finger prick test:

Thyroid Function

Free T4 11.49 (12-22) This result is highlighted in red as Low

Free T3 4.44 (3.1 - 6.8)

TSH 6.16 (0.27 - 4.2) This result is highlighted in red as High

T4 Total 88.9 (64.5 - 142)


Anti-Thyroidperoxidase abs 234.2 (<34) This result is highlighted in red as High

Anti- Thyroglobulin Abs 68.9 (<115)

As my GP has been refusing to believe there is a problem with my thyroid, can you please advise me what action to take next? Am I right in believing that lots of doctors won't treat until TSH goes above 10? And is that the case even if antibodies are present? I want to prepare myself for anything the doctor might throw at me as another reason why I don't need treatment!!

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Lots of doctors won't, but hopefully you'll have success convincing your GP.

I went in with the symptoms list from NHS website, had ticked off all the ones I had. Explained I couldn't carry on like I was and he let me start levo.

The antibodies mean you either have auto immune thyroiditis or at risk of developing it and you need to be monitored.

If you are having symptoms then he can't refuse to believe you anymore. But if you still get nowhere, find a new GP asap!

Good luck

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