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Could I have hyperthyroidism with these labs?

More specifically isolated t3 toxicosis. Since my TSH is unsuppressed.

November 2014

TSH 1.5

Free T4: 17(10-20)

Free T3: 6.5(2.8-6.8)

TRAB 0.5(<1)

August 2014

TSH 1.0

Free T4: 17 (10-20)

Free T3: 6.8(2.8-6.8)

December 2009

Free T4: 17 (10-20)

Free T3: 6.2(2.8-6.8)

Symptoms: chronic fatigue, anxiety, OCD, hypertension, low libido, extreme weight gain/inability to lose weight, insomnia(worsening last six months), passing 2-3 stools a day as opposed to my usual 1(started a couple of months ago).

I've had an ultrasound and uptake test this year which came back normal.

Just a little confused. Doctors dont seem to fussed with the results. But someone on another forum told me most people wouldn't feel well with Ft4 @ 70% combined with Ft3 @ 100%. But then I read about hypos aiming for at least 75+% FT3. I guess everyones different.

Information regarding isolated t3 toxicosis is scant. Pretty much the only information I could find was in the following PDF. Average TSH is 1.6 and average FT3 is 120% of range.

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more likely have you gone gluten free or lactose free

as loose stools would indicate digestive /gall bladder /hyperthyroid issues


Wesleysnipes, In Nov TRaB was negative for Graves and you weren't hyperthyroid because FT4 was mid-range and FT3 wasn't over range. Most hypos will feel better with FT4 in the top quadrant and FT3 in the top third of range but either top of range will make some feel hyper.

The article suggests that FT3 toxicosis may be a precursor to hyperthyroidism and as bowel movements have increased recently you should request another TFT. Perhaps you could also be tested for iodine deficiency? If iodine is low supplementing may help reduce FT3 level. High dose iodine has been used to reduce thyroid output in hyperthyroid patients but it has also induced autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) in others.


How are your B12 levels? There are some reports of OCD with low B12. And have you checked through possible adrenal problems against your symptoms, esp eg Cushings.


Clutter, I haven't been tested for iodine but I have supplemented with it before. Mixed results, I felt initially it made me feel better but I started gaining weight/feeling bloated on it.

Yes, looked into cushings, cortisol is mid range on urine and blood test. B12 shows up in range and have supplemented with it, once again with mixed results.

I really have my mind set on trying to get my FT3 to around 5. Because really, I have exhausted all other avenues, blood tests, brain scans etc. And the only thing I have left to go on is this chronically borderline elevated FT3. I've ordered a product called "thyroid calming" from iherb, if that doesnt work I'm gonna ask my doc to prescribe me anti-thyroid meds. Even if it's a low probability with my labs, it's a shot I have to take.


Hi Wesley, are you taking any hormones at the moment? Where is all the T3 coming from? We know you are converting your T4 but when your FT3 levels become too high, your adrenal glands will push excess T3 into reverse T3. Have you been tested for that? There are a couple of problems that cause "over conversion" of T4 so that may be something to investigate.

Some people think that 2-3 BMs are very healthy. It pushes out toxins before they do damage.

Possibly helpful:

I can't find the sources for overconversion at the moment but you might find it at this website.


Heloise, I'm not taking any thyroid hormones and never have. What do you think of my labs? What are "BMs"?


Without mentioning the other symptoms, two or three stools a day is normal (as in good).


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