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Just a thought!

There are loads of websites that want to inform us of the 20+ sometimes more symptoms of having an underactive thyroid. I just wondered if anyone else looks at these tick box sites, and realises that they have most of the symptoms. I do, but you know what?! Even after taking 125mgs of Levothyroixine for six plus years, I STILL have every one of them! Sometimes wonder what is the point of taking this drug when it cures/improves/helps nothing!

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Have you tried Ndt or had your T3 conversion looked at Dylansmum? X


Dylansmum, symptoms won't resolve or improve if you are undermedicated. Have you had a thyroid test recently to check levels?

Some of the symptoms on those lists are not thyroid specific. Many may also be experienced if ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate are low or deficient. It may be worth having blood tests to check vit/min levels and supplementing, if necessary, to optimise levels.

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Hi Clutter, thanks for replying. I know lots on the list are not thyroid related, but constipation, weight gain, dry hair, skin, feeling cold, moody/depressed are. I had these and more upon diagnosis, and still have every one of them six years on. I do take B12, ferritin folate, on prescription, but I still have every sympton. I live in the South where even to have a GP is a miracle, to get an appointment and then get them to listen is even more of a miracle!


Dylansmum, what are your latest thyroid results? You can get them from your GP receptionist or practice manager.


My friend found her constipation went when she took the piggy pills. You sound as though you need T3.


Hello and sad to hear you are suffering so much.

Plenty of pertinent advice here but I will only comment on one aspect - constipation which is so horrible.

I got tremendous relief from taking an excellent probiotic and adding digestive enzymes before ea meal...also sipping warm water thu out the day. Hope this is of some help. Be kind to yourself. XX D


Hi Daffodils , what was the name of the probiotic you took, do you mean the little drinks or tablets. Hope you are keeping wellx


You are like many others who are no better on thyroxine

However if like my husband , my daughter and her 3 daughters you take NDT instead you are likely to be amazed at the difference it makes

My husband had 42 symptoms none of which were helped by levothyroxine

however on NDT he is fit and healthy at age of 73


I am another who got even more unpleasant symptoms once diagnosed and given levothyroxine. It was a nightmare to say the least, for me and my family. I improved when some T3 was added to levo. I was forever in and our of A&E. You don't realise what's going on and neither do you realise it is the hormones that should be making you feel much better is making you worse.

I am now healthy and well and no symptoms with T3 only. I was also good on one NDT.

There has been research that the addition of T3 to can be helpful to many people.


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