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I have been on Armour for 12 months now and am now on 2.5 grains per day and was exercising 5 times a week in 45 minute classes the week before last. I gave up smoking last Monday and by Friday all my hypo symptoms were back and I can now hardly get out of bed. My pulse last night and this morning 56 whereas last few months about 70. BP 123/76 sitting standing 135/84. I know from reading the archives that quite a few people are diagnosed with thyroid issues after giving up. I know I will have to go for a blood test but that will take a week or so. What have others done in the meantime who have recovered, did you have to up your medication after stopping? Did your bloods show TSH raised and T3 lowered after giving up?

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  • Wedding2000, Congratulations on quitting but I'm sorry you are feeling so awful. Smoking can lower TSH and mask thyroid dysfunction so it may be that you need to increase dose.

    I quit smoking before I developed thyroid problems but on one occasion felt so ill with coughs, infections and low mood for about six weeks that I was seriously considering resuming the coffin nails. I'm glad I stuck it out because once my system was clear of the toxins I felt very well and my general health and appearance was much improved.

  • Yes thank you. I am determined not to go back on them. It is a vicious circle felt so ill for years on levo didn't want to quit as I was so fed up. Then I did feel great on NDT so quit and now back feeling crap! I will get a blood test sorted.

  • Wedding, I felt punished with ill health at first and it was very hard but having got through the first few weeks I'm so glad I stuck at it.

  • Sorry didn't reply direct to you! Yes I will persevere, we are all used to that on this forum!! Had years of feeling bad so a few more weeks won't hurt. LOL. Thank you.

  • Yes I will persevere, we are all used to that on this forum!! Had years of feeling bad so a few more weeks won't hurt. LOL. Thank you.

  • They do say that smoking masks the effects of hypothyroid and as I was not diagnosed till after I stopped smoking I have no information.

  • Thank you.

  • wedding2000, you have my total sympathy [though I know it doesn't help].

    I'm one of those whose smoking masked hypothyroidism. I tried dozens of times to quit, and only resumed because I felt so wretched [this wasn't nicotine withdrawal symptoms - but the sheer misery of low thyroid function that we all know about).

    I stopped in 2006, 3 years before diagnosis, so can't answer your question about meds. But I used every trick in the book not to start smoking again [and didn't]. Gum, sugar-free sweets, hypnotherapy, supplements of one sort or another etc.

    Good luck and keep going. You can do it.

  • Thank you and good for you. Yes sticking it out and it's not too bad. I have increased my NDT now which is starting to help. Thanks again. :)

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