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You are what you eat . . .

T3 and the food chain

Doctors are always advising us to eat healthily, but how do you do this when then main, and in some cases the only choice is to shop at the “BIG” (as in “Big Pharma”) supermarkets where choice is dictated and limited; Have you ever tried finding plain natural live yoghurt among the row upon row of low fat, no added sugar, but full of saccharine flavoured and coloured ones? Where the natural food is taken and processed; all the goodness taken out, i.e. masticated, spat out, then to make it palatable artificial flavouring and colours added and then fortified with token vitamins and minerals.

This brings me on to my theory that our T3 has been inadvertently or otherwise, (to make us sick therefor to make money out of us) been taken out of the food chain. Do you remember pigs heads hanging in butchers shops? Am I wrong or did you use to be able to buy sardines in cans with their heads still on? I tried the other day to get some fish heads and bones from the wet fish counter to make a fish stock (full of goodness; T3 and vitamin A among others) only to be told that the fish comes ready filleted and that they wouldn’t be able to sell then to me if they did, implying that these “entrails” were full of nasties (scare mongering propaganda? mercury (BSE, scrapie) I was pointed in the direction of their own (packaged and processed) fish stock.

Perhaps they ought to promote their food as, and fortifie with T3 ?

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You can get fish with the heads still on in some supermarkets. There was an EU directive that prevents butchers, and, I assume, fishmongers from selling or giving you bones for your dog (or stock) - they have to pay to have them destroyed instead. But you can usually find a butcher who will sneak you some. I'm a veggie, but I buy whole mackerel for the cat in Sainsburys.


Not sure about this as I manage to eat very healthily by shopping in sainsburys and waitrose. I do not purchase processed foods, only fresh foods and cook from scratch. Spices and herbs I source from Steenbergs as they are organic and have a lovely range. As for yoghurt, it is very simple to make your own using an organic culture with no additives. Waitrose have a lovely fish counter complete with heads on trout, sardines type of the fish. Agree it is a challenge when shopping but we wont be beaten will we!


I have to agree!! When I was young you could also go to the butchers and get cheaper cuts of meat that were just as tasty and nutritious but required a little longer cooking. Nowadays the meat packers throw away all the cheap cuts or sell them off to pet food companies and you can't get hold of them!! The high street butcher is disappearing and soon we will be left with the halal meat at the supermarket!!


Well as a vegetarian I don't know much about fish heads. (Although I did do a city & gilds food at collage years ago.) BUT I have noticed how much junk supermarkets sell in comparison to real food. I guess you have to find the best in your area and the best your purse can afford.x


In the sense of thyroid glands themselves being removed, well, thank goodness. Search for "hamburger thyrotoxicosis" if you want to know what happens when that isn't done.

Or, indeed, one of my old blogs (before they were called Posts):

We always have to remember that the people in the food industry also have to eat.


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Rod - this time the Xmas oldspot came with glands (creamy colour) - I found it very interesting but hubby threw them quick in case I was tempted! :D

Flatfeet did you mean D3? apparently the 2nd biggest source used to be lard - that's where it's stored (animals reared outside I presume). J x


I agree with some aspects, but it's LOT more double-edged than that... I never saw a yoghurt: live OR pasteurised when I was a small kid, (I am 55) it was supermarkets that made them widely available at all. I was about 7 before I first saw Danone yoghurt in a Department store!

I find it very easy to get live yoghurt, from 0% fat all the way up to 10% fat in every supermarket, and buy a LOT of it (too much perhaps as I live on a low carb diet)

When I was a kid I had TB antibodies, so didn't' need the vaccination - the reason was simple, I had been well exposed to it already - huge amounts of food animals then were carrying or actually infected with TB back then.... milk and meat alike. Slaughtering was still in the back of the butchers, and some diseases (other than just TB) were commonplace - in my time other dangerous diseases such as Brucellosis have been virtually wiped out too. There are a lot of other examples I could give... eg. when did you ever get the choice of fresh vegetables you get now? I never saw much more than carrots, parsnips, cabbage, peas tomatoes, two types of lettuce, onions leeks and potatoes as a kid! Just last week I had Butternut squash, green beans, Peppers and a LOT of garlic!

On the other hand, intensive farming has produced problems with other diseases such as Salmonella and E.coli 0157.

But I do agree that some stuff has been over-processed and it's rather unnecessary and only in the interest of making big profits. Still, people don't WANT to cook, I do, but find I can't cook as much as I want as my pain levels go through the roof if I stand cooking for long :-(

The answer is largely in everyone's hands though.. shop in small specialist shops and keep them going.

Sadly it is advice I am giving that I can't often follow, as my own disability and consequent lack of income means I have to buy CHEAP as the main emphasis, and supermarkets are undoubtedly cheaper for most things... I wish we could have it both ways, but I don't think we can :-(


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